Friday, July 18, 2008

EB Comments of the Week, July 18th, Pt 1

Y'all are so good that I have more than enough for two posts. The second EB comments will go up on Sunday.

sherry said...

I spent two days with high hopes, collecting questions from my fellow sellers in an excel spreadsheet for the Town Meeting.

Mary compiled her own, but similar version and I added the questions people sent via convo and e-mail. I was thanked for all my hard work.

So what happened? Not one thing, not one question answered, not one.

impetuous said...
The fact that Maria is on board with all of the cloak and dagger makes me think something more than people, process, product is going on.

It's all quite simple Etsy. Either keep things as they are and actually communicate your intentions with your business or stop fucking asking for everyones input.

I wish everyone with an idea or suggestion just stopped posting and let Etsy hang in the breeze. Then when they post "What are your ideas for blah blah blah" everyone could say:

"We think this is important too, and we are thinking on it, we can't say exactly when we will POST about it though..."

tralala said...
i used to work at a movie theater and we'd have contests to sell the out dated candy bars and the prize was outdated candy bars. we'd harass people into buying crappy lion king chocolate for their dates and it was fun and it was probably the most time we ever spent bothering to talk to any of our customers. where's the metaphor - is etsy the surly teenagers behind the candy counter or the crumbled waxy tasting chocolate, i'm not sure but it's all i can think about these last two days.

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