Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Day in Quotes: Tuesday, July 8th

Anyone there?

However.........this is not a tiny site, nor is it run by a couple of harried techies. Etsy has a staff of 60, and while I understand that fewer of them work on weekends....they shouldn't be understaffed at an hour of any day.

Get the sensation
Some people LIKE the feeling of having their knickers in a twist?

No plastic surgery required
Maybe if I buy that shirt, it'll enhance my mosquito bites.

lol...anytime a boy uses "OMG..."

it's funny to me too, but I've been here a while and am old and jaded in the ways of the forum.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
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are-they-serious said...

Some people LIKE the feeling of having their knickers in a twist?

I remember that one, I loved it. ;)

impetuous said...

Forums are dead. Admin is silent. What's a bitchaholic to do? Here's a new poll to pass the time.


binarysoul said...

Aw, Now I'm blushing.

( I don't have to send cookies or anything now, do i?)

mememe said...

I made a mistake last night, but it may have ended in epiphany.
I was reading around in the forums, and sort of started inventing a drinking game. It went something like a sip for every "sorry that happened to you", every little heart symbol, every person who is told to write to an at etsy email only to have a reply saying don't do that as you'll never get a response, every piece of "great advice" given by a shop with less then 5 sales, every "Oh noez!" type answer...

Anyway, at some point, I sort of forgot what I originally wanted to drink to, and I'm not in any shape this morning to remember. Anyone want to flesh out a better drinking game while I go have coffee and Advil?

ShrugItOff said...

Haha Meme! I will add:

Every use of the word 'porn'....ONE SHOT

Every "I think I'm being copied" thread... TWO SHOTS.

Every LOL or ROFL .....you must forfeit a drink and pinch your own nipple with a nutcracker.


Every time a thread is locked..... THREE SHOTS.

Blatant promo threads in other sections of the forum....You must waste ONE SHOT DOWN THE SINK

And, the Golden Goose, any post that starts off with "I just made my first sale now what do I do?"...... DRINK THE WHOLE DAMN BOTTLE.

Closed Threads said...

mememe, that sounds like a great game.

However, we'd all be hammered within 5 minutes. Maybe 8 minutes if it's a slow day on the forums. :)

Elizabeth said...

re:staffing - I called twice last week, during office hours -- AND GOT AN ANSWERING MACHINE.

Morrigan said...

I like the drinking game, here's my add-ons:

Everytime someone uses Etc as their diary, have a shot

Everytime someone makes a new fucking "game" in Etc, have a beer and a

eclipse said...

Here is something I made in May 2007
There are some newer catchphrases I could probably add to it, but some of the classics endure.

sugarstreetcafe said...

I'm so honoured! This is like the 2nd time I got on this blog without begging!

The Disgruntled One said...

I like your game, eclipse!