Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Day in Quotes: Tuesday, July 22nd

Festival Time

I thought "Kick the vintage sellers" was celebrated in April. It's an Etsy's version of Festivus.

I have spammed father rob please forgive me. I had attempted to promote a "video treasury" on youtube... It worked we we listed in the first couple pages of how to and style. But I spammed and spammed some more... I had nothing in the treasury it was to promote etsy and to bring buyers from outside. Some of us spam for good. Like the robin hood of spam.

I keep my Do-Not-Buy List in a bullet proof glass case in a secret room in my house. It is on a roll of fine thick tan handmade paper specially made for me by artisans in Thailand. I write upon it in blood red ink with a two foot long feather pen with a golden tip.

There are nights when I don my smoking jacket, light up my pipe, retire to my secret room, sit down with a cognac in my antique leather easy chair, gaze upon my cherished list and laugh maniacally until I drift happily off to sleep.

If you think you're on it you probably are. But perhaps not. Who really knows? I delight in using my power arbitrarily.

....and more lists
I also have a DNEIMFCBTS (Do Not Engage In Meaningful Forum Conversation Because They're Stupid) list.

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radcow said...

im glad you quoted the reverend. That was i think my all time favorite etsy thread reply.

Have my own kids to babysit said...

I like the DNEIMFCBTS There is a forum poster that I avoid for this very reason.

Morrigan said...

Sometimes it seems like my DNEIMFCBTS list grows every day....

Yarn Girl Stuff said...

I have a DNEIMFCBTS list too. Now I know what to call it!

dillon designs said...

Oh, reverend ross... :o)

yeah you right said...


YouAreSoBoringAnd AllYourFakePostsAreJustPromotionsAnywaySoForgetAnySalesFromUsEverListYouRacistDripList

and a YWKVIISYA List

hella said...

i love me some sugarcube

Ivydee said...

DNEIMFCBTS ... yeah, I have that list.

notacatlover said...

*wishes Etsy had an ignore feature on the forum...am amazed at my self control right now*

ShrugItOff said...

notacatlover, I hear you ...although tonight seems to be one of the more mellow ones on the forums. Or did you mean 'right now' as in the past couple of weeks?