Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quotable Quotes: Irony

Sweet Irony:

"Our process is democratic, and we're going to revise our rules based on everyone's feedback. Indeed the seed for the Constitution itself was planted by people's requests here in the forums."


The Disgruntled One said...

Oh yes, it's dripping with irony! I remember those times, but it's good for newer Etsians to see why some of us (foolishly) act as if we believe Etsy is some sort of democracy. It's because The Founder told us it was!

The Incredulous One said...

Sigh. I remember those times, and even farther back to the beginning, when Etsy really was a small community and things were friendlier.

If Etsy doesn't want to be a democracy, that's cool with me, but at least acknowledge it and move on.

Nesta said...

The link guiding you to Rob's 'Possible revisions to rules about digital prints' makes me furious in so many ways!!!

That just might be the hugest 'What The F&ck' I've seen in awhile!

Nesta said...

The link guiding you to Rob's 'Possible revisions to rules about digital prints' makes me furious in so many ways!!!

That just might be the hugest 'What The F&ck' I've seen in awhile!

impetuous said...

how much more water can this boat hold?
how much longer are etsians going to bail out the water?
where is this boat headed?
who is driving?
which hole are they going to fix first?
when will they stop plugging holes with pie and figure out a permanent solution?

So much has gone unanswered for too long. I think Etsy is going to be acquired very soon. It would explain the stalling and lack of direction. I don't think much is up to them anymore and admin is just trying to pacify everyone.

The Righteous One said...

I agree nesta. He makes it seem like photographers who use digital cameras are not artists.

That harkens back to the debate between 'real' artists and digital artists.

Someone always thinking their way is better or that they themselves are better than everyone else.

mememe said...
Not the place to do so, but I love the way this thread ends and it needs attention.
The short version.
"I save money by cutting back on supplies while I use up what I have."
"Well, I save money by not relisting every fifteen seconds like etsy thinks I should and not using etsy as my primary place of sale"
"JESUS CHRIST! Don't put crazy thoughts like that into people's heads! Because, uh, well, it might not work, or something. I'm closing this thread."

fuck off already said...

Please, I am so sick of AA's threads posing as biz advice. She just promotes herself every second of the day as a kisassy fake. She and AWC, BG, etc. etc. can ride off into the sunset together already.

impetuous said...

Funny how this thread didn't end until someone suggested they stop listing!

I can't stand that seller anyway. Every thread she creates is all about her and her fucking blog and people just lick her ass through the whole thing. nasty stuff.

forum rubbernecker said...

What eff off said! That is splendidly put. i could add more but it is Sunday and I gotta be nice at least one day a week! :-P

j. hart photography said...

argggg.... i'm going to be sick. as a digital photographer i even see what he's saying but not ALL dig. photographers use SHUTTERFLY or target to get their prints done and not ALL of us use AUTO on our cameras. i'm livid.

j. hart photography said...

at least i'm now realizing that that post made by rob was a year old. i'm still irritated but i don't feel so threatened now. but... with the constantly changing rules that no one knows about who knows what could happen tomorrow?

shannon said...

I think always is trying to be nice, even though yes, she is promoting as well, but I do not like BG because people with similar personalities will rub each other the wrong way.

impetuous said...

shannon says:
"I think always is trying to be nice"

WRONG! she's a narcissistic self promoting turd.

tofurkey jerky said...

"WRONG! she's a narcissistic self promoting turd."

bwahaha! Golden! That's the shit Little Golden books are made of.

It seems odd how a lot of top sellers are becoming increasingly whiny ass hats lately. My most favorite Amy thread was the one where she complains about how everyone makes those button earrings now, all because of her. Like she had some original thought on that one. She might have done it bigger and saturated etsy with her shit, but she's not original.

Why do the most unoriginal people feel the need to bitch every time they think they're being copied? Someone else is making crochet hats with visors! In reggae colors!

Because those weren't already popular long before the birth of Etsy?

Etsy has an attitude of: if I sold it first, I own it. And everyone else is just trying to ride my success. No one could have possibly been thinking of making coin purses in 2004.

Original ideas, I get it. And we know the original ideas when we see them. But holy shit. The most unoriginal of them are the ones bitching the loudest.

STFU already.