Wednesday, June 11, 2008

La La La I can't hear you

I'm beginning to think that some admin are illiterate.

MR: Your inattention to this issue is as other people have said shameful and unprofessional. You have hundreds of dissatisfied, paying customers. What are you going to do to address this issue besides some arrogant reply directing me to the other topic that I've already obviously read?

RD: Please see here:

My guess is that either a) He was pissed that his Guitar Hero game was interrupted or b) He has no idea how to fix it and is on autopilot. If the engineers are too busy to respond to Bugs threads in a customer service-friendly way, they need to hire someone who does that for them. Oh and the engineers need to fix shit, too.

The fingers in the ears approach just doesn't cut it when someone pays you to do something.


forum rubbernecker said...

IF I GET ONE MORE REFERRAL TO THAT DAMN THREAD I WILL SCREAM!!!!!!!! My views have been whacked for a while now, and I have no idea if anybody is looking at my stuff. I have posted in RD's thread MULTIPLE times and for what? It doesn't do any good. This is one bug that really bugs. Pun intended.

lessa said...

Just turn the damn things off. If you have no desire or idea on how to fix them then turn them off. If you can't then we have much bigger problems and Etsy is on its way to imploding as to me it means they screwed up Etsy's backbone back when they switched to V2. The only way to fix that is to start over from scratch.

Must work on my backup site, must get it done.


S2 Web Writing said...

Yeah I've had enough. I've had enough of being bullied and stalked, I've had enough of working hard to keep a blog full of free advice going, I've had enough of Etsy.

I am now in the process of combining all my Etsy stuff and freelance stuff into one site and getting all my stuff off of Etsy. Etsy is a sinking ship.

Etsy will fall because the admins and the other sellers can't accept the idea that adapting traditional business marketing, promotion and functionality techniques, along with plain ol' fashioned customer service, is the only way to REALLY be successful.

Plus Etsy is becoming less 'fine art' and high end stuff and more 'church bazaar crap' made from walmart supplies.

excuseme said...

I registered to sell at the end of 2006...after thinking if it was worth it with all the problems that I was seeing popping up. I keep popping in to look around and seems to me it just keeps getting worse. Result being that to this day I have yet to put up one item for sale. I just don't feel at all confident in the site.

Closed Threads said...

I honestly thought there was going to be a good answer behind the link that RD provided.

Once I realized what he linked to, I laughed my ass off.

We pay these people to use the site? What a joke.

Dani said...

Exactly! successful businesses are successful for a reason. If we are expected to give EXCELLENT customer service to our buyers, why can't we receive it too! We deserve it!

TheSneakyOne said...

OMg and here I thought you were Freddie Mercury. Totally off base.

impetuous said...

I think we all would have felt better had he simply signed his name at the end of that.

impetuous said...

"Plus Etsy is becoming less 'fine art' and high end stuff and more 'church bazaar crap' made from walmart supplies."

otherwise known as, Indie Nightmares!

SewCrazyDogLady said...

I'm almost done.. I'm still working on building my online shopping cart..

I really feel bad for a lot of sellers there who have invested a heck of a lot more time than I have.. BUT I found a lot of great people I'd like to buy from. I hope they get their act together soon.

The Malevolent One said...

I'm beginning to think there is only one bug on Etsy, and its name is RD.

j. hart photography said...

arggg..... i can't believe he linked to that same goddamn thread again!!! i checked my views today, i've been checking them only ever few days, and after finally starting to go up again instead of going down everyday, i found i'd lost almost ONE THOUSAND views since yesterday.

i've not updated my page in weeks and i've not had a sale in quite a while. etsy seems pretty useless to me. i've got to work on my own site but i'm just too overwhelmed with things right now (moving to another city, buying and selling a house, etc.)

Lucy said...

"Thumps up to admins! You're doing a great job!
Your Personal Butt Sniffer"