Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Etsy finally admits that The Storque is not News

I am currently vastly amused by this thread on the Etsy Forums. In response to a seller's original post, "Why does the NEWS link now say BLOG? -- Is it just me?"

Admin marymary replies, complete with hugs and kisses:

"That's right and it's not just you, so glad you noticed!

We changed the word "news" to "blog" in the main navigation bar to create less confusion over all the wonderful things the Storque has to offer.

The Storque is not just site news, and includes several articles that read more like a blog. No fear though, it's just the word that has changed and we will still point you in the direction of the Storque when looking for site news and important techupdates.


Oddly enough, marymary doesn't link to The Storque article on the change. There Head Storquette Vanessa admits, ""News" seemed misleading because the Storque is a whole lot more than site news. "Storque" is perhaps too mysterious for newbie readers".

My week has been made. Etsy has publicly admitted what most of us have realized ever since The Storque was launched as a replacement for the EtsyBlog: The Storque is not news (and, furthermore, it's a really, really dumb name, spelt in a meaninglessly obscure way.)

But perhaps the term "Blog" isn't clear enough, Etsy. The Bitches have some suggestions for straplines, in case you decide to further clarify the actual function of The Storque:

"Self-serving free promos for those 25 stores we like best and promote 24/7 because they are related to us."

"Underscoring the pointlessness of podcasting since 2007".

"We Blog Because We Have Nothing Better To Do, Love, Etsy."


The Cranky One said...

And does Etsy know thier "mascot" for the Storque is not a stork but a Dodo?

You know the Dodo, a badly designed extinct bird that never flew.

But I know they think the are so clever thinking up the "storque" name, it looks French. OOOh French Looking. How brilliant.

Let's not forget that France's farmers, lorry drivers, city workers (and anyone else who gets pissed off) regularly strike for better rights and wages...

Who knew EB was French!?

The Disgruntled One said...

I hate that logo, too, cranky.

The Dodo was also ruthlessly exploited until it became extinct, through greed, short sightedness, bad planning and general idiocy.

Hey, maybe it IS appropriate for Etsy.

impetuous said...

I am almost to the point of not caring what they do. What's with the "post your comments here!" peppered all through the article? Perhaps the plan is to close the forums and have people comment only on the subjects they put out for discussion? If so, just do it already, instead of trying to train us like puppies.

Seriously bitches, if Etsy is just giving lip service on important issues and refuses to see that they run Etsy like a gaggle school boys and silly girlfriends, then what is the point of even commenting? Either Etsy is going to cut off it's nose to spite it's face or the new investors are going to send Etsy in for a face lift.

Either way they are, much like the mascot, a bunch of Dodo's.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Bitches! I, too, have hated both the meaningless name and Dodo mascot from the start. I mentioned the extinct bird in a thread when Storcke (oops, wrong cute spelling) first launched.

Have equally been annoyed by the "News" thing. So thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

The Storque isn't news?????


Say it isn't so!!!!

The Disgruntled One said...

Easy there, anonymous. There's no Father Christmas, either.

Elizabeth said...

"Self-serving free promos for those 25 stores we like best and promote 24/7 because they are related to us."


Who are the nepotees? (Is that a word?)

Ladies Auxilliary said...

I'm eagerly praying for that facelift impetuous :)

And praying even harder that it's an improvement...hehe, hoho...

Anonymous said...

"Easy there, anonymous. There's no Father Christmas, either."

*GASPS!, clutches at heart*

But the Easter Bunny exists, right??


ebbandflo said...

oh hallelujah! at last the stroq is accurately labelled for once

i guess whoever it was who drew 'that cute little logo' didn't realise it was actually a dodo ..... or maybe they did and had subversive intent??

it also boggles the mind that the CEO didn't notice that he had a dead, long extinct bird which wasn't actually a stork advertising his magnum opus

and yes, the comments section bugs me since i have in the past been 'officially reminded' that comments left for stroq fluff are subject to editorial 'manipulation' since stroq is the public organ and shop window of etsyinc (tho' a non-fluffy comment of mine did escape recently)

Andy Mathis said...

I've seen it lovingly referred to an the Squawk.

The Disgruntled One said...

Squawk, Squawque, Stork, Stroke, Stroque ...

Simply an extraordinarily stupid name, no matter how you spell it.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Hallelujah! Thanks for this! I've been saying this since the Stroq first flapped its grotesque PR-sodden wings. Really ironic, when you consider Rob Kalin's Ironing Board Chat where he said that he never wanted Etsy to be the kind of company that offered up information with a heavy coating of PR.

Do these people ever read what they've written?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice how excited everyone was in that thread?

"cuz 'blog' is COOLER! :]"
"yep sure is cooler!!"
"We love the word "blog." :)"

And on and on.

BUT at least BeaG came in with his bad attitude and righteousness to let everyone know that HE doesn't like it. Thank goodness.

27 said...

omg, anon. i'm peeing here. BeaG is a woman!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure about that, 27?

Ya never know.