Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eb Comments of the Week

Anonymous old hippie bitch said...

C'mon, EB. That disaster from Vanessa deserves its own post!

What if "old" was replaced with "fat"?

Hi!!!:) This is your favorite cute admin, Cupcake Head! We have a
long layover in Hicksville, so we thought we'd feature our fatter
demographic. After all, you've got 'em there!

We're not looking for cute, skinny, hip crafters like us. We want
big-ass boomers who do traditional crafts like whittlin' and chewed
tobacco sculpting.

I'm dreaming of the 600 lb man who can't leave his house, but
still makes knit beer can hats.

Convo us, fatties!

forum rubbernecker said...
Good grief! I am really smart and even I won't try etching metal. With apologies to those without health insurance, I can see the forum posts now:

"Help, I got acid in my eye doing the Etsy metal etching tutorial they gave online, do you think it will stop eating away my eyeball eventually? I don't have health insurance and a doctor's visit will cost too much"


"Thank goodness I live in Canada where healthcare is free"

"Maybe see how much of your eyeball is left on Monday and then call a doctor"

"OMG, I am so sorry this happened"

"Once I got pickle juice in my eye and it hurt so bad, I know how you feel"

And so on .........


~B.Z. said...

Stop ! I'm peeing my pants !!

*laughs manically*

The Disgruntled One said...

That was a great comment, the "big ass boomers" one.

I also like "Cupcake Head" as an alias for Vanessa.

spamberly said...

i snarfed a french fry reading that! hahahaha

MajorFuckingEtsyBurnout said...


old hippie bitch said...

The acid thread "responses" are absolutely spot on. Hilarious!

forum rubbernecker said...

Woohoo, I made the front page of EB! I better revel in my glory because I don't know if I'll ever see the FP of Etsy.
This stuff is so freaking hilarious, because it is based in reality, I can see it happening, both the fat casting call and the acid.

Andy Mathis said...

lol at the pickle juice.

ShrugItOff said...

So funny, Hippy Bitch!

I've always wanted a spit tobacco sculpture.

michelle said...

I really wanted to post a reply in that thread because I'm old and I work in a cottage industry craft that is hundreds of years old... but I learned it from my tofu-eating hippy sister, and I wear birks and carry a hemp purse and eat Nancy's yogurt, so clearly I am not one of the people they're talking about.

Talli said...

Laughed Out Loud ! when I read these, too funny !