Friday, June 27, 2008

The Day in Quotes

There are so many quotes out in Etsyland that we figured grouping them together might provide a better reading experience. Some of these below are actually backlogged from a few days ago. So please keep in mind that they are not necessarily from today.

In addition, since this has been brought up in comments, keep in mind that the general focus on quotes is to:
- highlight something funny
- summarize current problems at Etsy
- something idiotic that Admin has done yet again
- show that we were all young and excited about Etsy once long ago
- highlight an interesting trainwreck
- and highlight a moment.

We're not trying to use any quotes to encourage attacks or add fodder to "do not buy" lists. Instead, proper use of the Day in Quotes plus
should provide anyone with a nice daily fix of Drama from Etsy.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, smells good

"This thread proves what I have seen claimed - that threads are only locked when they complain about Admin"

Let's test that theory.

Admin smells like chicken fat

Doing their job
I've been thinking about this the last couple of days, and here's what
I've realized:

Admin rely on sellers to advertise Etsy for them and bring buyers (and more often than not, new sellers) to the site.

Admin rely on sellers to flag questionable shop items or sellers for them.

Admin rely on sellers to flag offensive forum posts/threads for them.

Admin rely on sellers to flag questionable Alchemy requests for them.

Admin rely on sellers to search for critical site info (bugs, new tools) themselves through vast forum threads.

Admin rely on sellers to answer numerous and varying site "Help" questions on the forums, rarely commenting on the threads themselves to give more definate answers in cases, for example, involving Etsy policy and procedures.

I don't mind helping out other sellers, I've done it many times in the forums, and will continue to do so relying on my own experience on the site, but surely Etsy can take a more proactive approach to guiding their sellers and policing the site themselves as this is their bread-and-butter?

Basic Instinct
Stella, I think the point being missed is that it's not *just* the slowness or *new* features.

It's the BASICS that are missing & are sorely needed. And have been needed ... for a LONG time.

1. the inability for a shop to search their sold listings
2. being unable to edit expired listings before renewing
3. being unable to delete expired or inactive listings
4. receipts that don't have the multiple shipping charges tallied
5. (the list is long. I'll stop now.)

These aren't fancy, revolutionary concepts or ideas. These are the most rudimentary needs for a seller on this site.

Perhaps not fun, flashy or exciting to program, but desperately needed.


KreatedbyKarina said...

Oh wow...something I said made it to EtsyBitch...does that mean I'm famous now?? :p

impetuous said...

It's amazing how a site so fucked up can produce such brilliant pearls of wisdom from it's users.

stacey said...

KreatedbyKarina said...
"Oh wow...something I said made it to EtsyBitch"


it's because you're fabulous darling! and you speak truth!

WindysDesigns said...

Sorry Karina, you're only semi-famous. You are truly famous when you have been indefinitely muted and there is a poll about it.

I am a legend in my own mind!

The Kinky One said...

There are simply soooo many good quotes! Maybe we should have a badge titled: "I've Been Quoted on Etsy Bitch!".


marie said...

The Kinky One said...

Maybe we should have a badge titled: "I've Been Quoted on Etsy Bitch!".

yeeees! do it, DO IT!