Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Day in Quotes Saturday, June 28th

In Search of a Clue

I would have thought you would be able to find "traditional crafts" with the search function

Time management
I'd much rather prefer as a buyer that Etsy take the time they'd spend creating how-to's videos, articles, cupcake parties, etc. and go through the million shops, items, resellers that have been flagged.

Recently I discovered the shocking amount of mass produced junk, and I'm not talking about supplies or vintage, being sold here under the notion it's handmade. When I can go to a reseller website and within minutes purchase 100 of the same item being sold on Etsy, I lose entire faith in this website.

I've drastically cut back my buying, preferring to stick with a few sellers I'm confident with and take my other purchasing elsewhere. I refuse to purchase something under the disguise of handmade and to later discover it's produced in a sweat shop. The aisles of Etsy, to me, are eerily beginning to resemble the aisles of Walmart. And we all know how much Etsians despise Walmart?

How about Etsy eat cupcakes while going through the flags? That would be a party!

For now I'm changing my old Etsy motto "Show me something I want (that isn't factory made)".

If Etsy was juried
Incestuous jury selection - If Etsy picked its jury like it picks the rest of its employees, they'd all be Brooklyn 20-something hipsters and the whole site would be packed with American Apparel tshirts, knit scarves and rock n roll belts, possibly of a certain amount of ironic hideousity. Artists with different "visions" might be excluded.

Sad but true
hope breaks your heart on this site.


The Righteous One said...

That last quote IS sad :(

Such a shame...

Eyes Wide Open said...

Maybe, just maybe if Admin would read the heart behind what was posted they would get a clue.

But I'm starting to feel that they will never care.

woolies said...

really sad.

katiedoodah said...

Woot! Thanks bitches. Now if only I could access Etsy to revel in my glory with a new avatar and buy some mass produced products. Oh wait, I can't access Etsy. It's my fault their moving servers and covered in cupcakes. BTW, love this site.

spippin said...

What does a buyer do if the product arrives and is clearly mass produced? Etsy TOS seems to say let paypal sort it out for you.

Am I crazy or is this an avoidance of etsy's responsibility?

I have to say as a buyer I'd feel cheated by etsy who "advertises" or, ok, who presents themselves as a handmade venue. Disingenuous to say the least...

just bitchy said...

Paypal has a "significantly not as described" category for disputes.

If the description states that it is handmade and it is actually mass produced I would file a SNAD with Paypal.

That said, most often, mass produced items ARE handmade, just not in the way people associate with etsy.

After the fact, Etsy should stay out of transactions. Financial issues should be handled by Paypal or your credit card company.

Etsy is not capable of or equipped to deal with financial issues.

Of course you could report the results of a Paypal dispute to Etsy and if they have some tracking database on reported sellers it may weight against the seller over time.

I so wish they had some type of actual business practices in place. In the absence of business practices I prey for a buy out by an actual company.