Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shameful "how-to"

I sew, it's one of my many and frankly varied talents. I sew well and brag to strangers that I can french seam a gore (it's sad, but true). That's my sewing-fu resume right there. If you can french seam a gore you can claim minor deity status in a Walmart sweatshop.

Etsy Staffer Brepettis just released a new video: how to patch jeans. So that's it? Just do some sloppy random zigzag sewing and it's done? What a butt ugly mess! I wouldn't let my dog wear those results.

And why offer something that has no less than 40 videos elsewhere? And ones that do a better job.

Way to go Etsy, no fluff on the Storque. Wow, I actually managed to type that without gagging.


The Disgruntled One said...

Lordy -- what a TOTAL waste of time, money and server space.

Does it strike anyone else that this is just a make work project for him? Christ on a bicycle.

Elizabeth said...

Well, maybe he hasn't found enough grumpy haters lately about whom to write nastygrams.