Thursday, May 22, 2008

Advertising Schmadvertising

Once again, Mr. Swimmy reiterates that Etsy will not advertise itself by conventional means. They still will rely on grassroots and word-of-mouth advertising by its members, as well as the few selected and targeted ads Etsy runs to get more sellers. What they seem to be overlooking is the fact that Etsy needs buyers. Shops may bring in their own buyers, but then they diffuse to the entire site, limiting the benefit to the shop that brought them in. Plus, most sellers bring in other sellers. Perfect for Etsy, not-so-great for sellers.

Ok, so we're all aware of Etsy's philosophy on advertising and can make business decisions thusly. I get it. It still bothers me, but I understand it's their choice. Ok, ok. But are the pom poms necessary? I mean, c'mon! Having faith in the CEO when he has no plan in place for the site...he doesn't even know what he's going to do how can anyone else? And all happy that he's wearing a handmade shirt. A lot of people wear handmade items and when you run a handmade site you kind of have to! If he didn't he'd be thrown more crap. Plus, there have been statements about how stuffy ties and a suit are so if he ever appeared to be professional he'd be eating other admin's words.

K? 'nough said


The Disgruntled One said...

Love the term "Mr Swimmy".

I will call him nothing else from now on.

The Incredulous One said...

Really, we should forgive all of Rokali's mistakes, poor planning and ridiculous public statements, because he's SOOOOOOO cute!