Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Etsy "enhancements" - joy!

After two years they have finally caved in and let us be able to rearrange pictures. It's a kind of crappy implementation of it. Most sites use some kind of flash or ajax to let you drag pictures around, etsy? Arrows. Cumbersome arows.

18 months of bitching well spent.

Other announcements were that they have added a collectibles section (which should finally shut the ACEO people the hell up), and that they have a new site to go to in the sure event that Etsy goes down for some reason and are spasming for info.

This seems to be another half-assed way to providing a fix to this old web dog. Take Flickr as a example of a nice way it can be done. When they go down they have a page come up (or more likely they set up a redirect) to a page that informs you "Flickr is getting a massage" and that you should visit the Flickr Blog for further updates. It's assuring, since they appear to know it's a problem, and informative as well as convenient. It also lets you know backup systems are in place.

Etsy can't even make that middle step, instead they provide you the info in advance and you have to know it's there for you to be able to go to it. You can't be automatically directed to it when you need it because that would 1: make sense and 2: require more infrastructure, and Etsy higher ups can't spell that.