Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New site for the Muted and Booted


Just wanted to give you a heads up about this new blog
It's simply a way to index all those who have been muted. Etsy seems to have been on a muting bender lately and I feel like it's happening to so many we need a freaking directory.

It would be great if you could post it in some way- either on the blog or on your twitter or whatever. Just so folks know to contact us if they want to be listed.

The email address is Folks can just write to that address and let us know what they want us to post on the blog.

In other news, No we're not dead. Summer's are typically busy for us, and there hasnt been too much to bitch aboutor find the time to bitch about. Also, still more than a bit hurting over the loss of Sneaky, who was our backbone.

So being we've been busy and out of the loop - tell us what is new in your fight with etsy. What has got you ticked off? Comments are open, let'em fly!


Anonymous said...

I'll admit, I haven't been to Etsy in any capacity, in over 2 months and I don't miss it one bit.

Discord Threads said...

Sent some info a week ago, but nothing on the site yet.

Jenny M. said...

now the blog is only open to 'invited' readers - how do we get invited???

Jewelry On The Rocks said...

Etsy is so far off of my radar these days that any news has to find me, and then it's like watching a terrible tragedy happening in a far off country on TV. It may be devastating to the sellers there and I may be horrified, but it's not personal any more. That's liberating.

Adria said...

Is there a forum somewhere that is solely dedicated to calling out fraudulent etsy sellers? Not for ranting about general things like ads and other bullshit, but simply for calling out sellers who blatantly break the rules of Etsy TOS. I have looked and I can't find one. Reporting sellers to Etsy is fruitless and Regretsy can only post so many. If anyone knows of such a place I'd be interested. Thanks!