Friday, March 18, 2011

Quotables: Vintage Rokali

Ahhh yes, the early Etsy days:

"There is no “Etsy” in the monolithic sense of a single identity or being. Etsy is the several dozen employees of Etsy, Inc. and even more, the several hundred thousand members of the community. As I see it, large corporations try to sanitize all their outgoing messages for the sake of keeping face. It is very easy to identify this kind of behavior. Whenever you read something and it sounds like a series of pre-made phrases strung together, instead of a human being speaking, this is sanitized communication. To me, this stuff sounds inhuman.I want Etsy to stay human. This means allowing each person’s voice to be heard, even if it’s squeaky or loud or soft.* [Editor's note: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!] I will not put a glossy layer of PR over what we do. If we trip, let us learn from it instead of trying to hide it; when we leap, let’s show others how to leap."

Dear Rokali, you've tripped so many times do you even know what walking is these days?

*Emphasis mine.


Virginia said...

Just goes to show - $$$$$$ speaks so much louder than any human with a soul can manage.

vintage my ass said...

See? THIS is what we were all spoon fed in the early days. THIS is one of the reasons we are all so pissed about the direction Etsy CORP has taken.

Everything they used to sucker/reel us in to police their site, to advertise for them (millions of dollars worth, and we did it for free), to be their free customer service.. yep.

This is just one of MANY quotes from Rokali. You could do one every day for months and not hit them all.

Etsy today is nothing like we were promised.

And cupcakes wonder why we are pissed.

All Wired Up TOO said...

IF this wasn't so would be laughable..OH WAIT!!!

NicholeLA said...


Anonymous said...

When he tripped, he banged his head. Many times.

Anonymous said...

My only possible reaction;

Bwwaahh! said...

OH the irony! What a gem of a quote!

He became the thing he despised...or was that Anakin/Darth Vader?

NOPE Vader is way too cool for this BS, it's just goofy fucktard Etsy mouthpiece becoming LYING goofy fucktard Etsy mouthpiece.

Nothing like throwing his own words in his face.

BE TERSE said...

His writing style has not improved over the years. He still sounds like a high school student, and still can't come out and SAY what he apparently is trying to say without trying to sound like a pseudo-intellectual.
(or a borderline personality)

That, plus he don't know shit from shinola about that which he speaks. Ever.

The Funny One said...

The squeaks of Admin wheels spreading more false "info" is a lot louder these days...and they're stringing a whole lot of crap together to make it look like Etsycorp is right and tens of thousands of sellers are not.

Sellers are just an experiment, and the Etsycorp CEO and his overpaid minions are just filling up their bank accounts at everyone elses' expense.

I'd like to see some real profit reports from Etsy, and I bet they aren't looking good for March 2011.

Violets new Vintage said...

When all the negative Etsy changes began the place started to look and feel like Macy's. Now it looks and feels like Bank of America where the tellers are wearing fake mustaches or making 'cute' funny faces.

Sweden Calls said...

Yeah, he's always been full of BS.

Alyssa O'Leary said...

"PS-- all that aside, if you to question us we're going to sanitize everything. EVERYTHING."

Gah. So much for a true handmade marketplace for the people.

ebbandflo said...

ah! august 2007
they'd alread started screwing up royally by that time

remember the (many) changes and backpeddling over the consitution and mature products and the suggestion that sellers reveal all their supplies sources?
then there was the disciplinary measures for forum infractions which they set in motion before actually enacted?

for a very brief golden period, etsy was actually something good to belong to

FootLoose said...

hey, I never bought into the bullshit. I just wanted a place to sell my shit. It worked, until Etsy shot itself in the foot ....and I am still limping.

sark said...

So, okay:

What's up with the favoritism displayed on the front page with the treasuries selected by admin?

Why is the person engaging in this unethical practice not fired, demoted, or replaced.

Why has the favoritism with the front page not been addressed or altered in a meaningful, lasting, and effective fashion?

The Etsy Finds: why are a handful of sellers featured there repeatedly, while so many people have never been there?

The "Featured Seller" — why are they all admin favorites who make a certain realm of products? When are all the "voices" that represent the Etsy community going to get a shot? Why not feature people who disagree with your wrongful practices? Just because those people can see that you're a bunch of unethical favoritism engaging fucktards doesn't mean that their products are sub-par.

Why not fix the search?

Why not deal with resellers?

Why not deal with flags swiftly? I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to google the definition of a word. Bookmarks don't belong in Art, there's an actual category for them.

Why does it take a Regretsy call out to get action on something?

Why is your staff so inept that they have to be publicly shamed into doing their jobs? Because that's just incompetence.

Etsy admin using the phrase "I think this thread has gone on long enough" is unprofessional and erodes trust, goodwill, and respect. Grow the fuck up.

Your merchandising is terrible.

I could go on, and on, and on, and on, but you don't listen; and even if you do hear me, then you do nothing to proactively address the issues.

Your staff are perceived as being non-responsive, acting like petulant children, being unprofessional, engaging in favoritism, and otherwise just unethical. What are you going to do about that? How are you going to change this perception?

for the hell of it said...

I had noticed that Tom Brokaw had posted in the ArsTechnica spot.

It might not be such a bad idea to start a campaign of letter writing to him. He did try to engage Kalin and Sean, within the thread, :) and felt that "his approach" was going to be more effective, than mine, when he responded that "cursing at a weak CEO"...

Seems to me that Brokaw, has whatever necessary "social status", that might be needed to get doors open, to any single person that is involved within the site, from the lowest, up to ANY interest involved. :)

Seems to me that a journalist's curiosity would wind up in hyper drive if answers aren't volunteered. I never did see any responses from either Sean or Kalin to the questions he asked.

Discord Threads said...

Doesn't he have a mute button?

Discord Threads said...

I want Etsy to stay human. This means allowing each person’s voice to be heard, even if it’s squeaky or loud or soft.

Sure you do. Unless they say something negative about Etsy or post in the wrong frickin forum...Then you'll mute that squeaky, loud or soft voice in a heartbeat. You don't want to hear anything other than your own voice and the cha-ching of profit as you suck small sellers dry with relisting fees so they can stay relevant....

for the hell of it said...

Who is everyone REALLY pissed at?

Kalin or themselves for falling for it?

The Righteous One said...

for the hell of it: the Brokaw in the Ars comments is probably not THE Tom Brokaw. You know people can make up their own names on the internets, right?!

Artisans are generally a helpful community, they want to help each other because it benefits everyone. Do some take advantage of trustfulness, sure, but not the to the extent Etsy and company have. Are we pissed we got taken in, some probably are, but it doesn't excuse their asshattery and downright malicious actions towards handmade and those who try to make a living by it. That such an otherwise wonderful community (artisans/crafters) could be abused for years in the way they have been and someone actually suggest that it might just be they're upset with themselves (as if it was ok to be abused), is a sign that handmade is not respected, and Etsy is part of the reason for that.

meebo owly said...

for the hell of it said...
Who is everyone REALLY pissed at?

Kalin or themselves for falling for it?

It always puzzled me how people could fall for this con man's BS. Because he's not even a good con man - he's a creepy weasel.

Take that Swimmy shit, for instance. When I saw that, my reaction was "Seriously, when Etsy has so many problems, the CEO is going to come read us a children's book? Then, he places himself in the starring role, and declare to a community of crafters and artists the he is the 'creative' light we all need to follow?"

Could you get more egotistical or out of touch than that? I don't understand the people who thought that Swimmy crap was great and sent in their fishes to Etsy (for free!).

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

meebo owly: I didn't fall for the Swimmy thing, either -- I thought it was revolting, self aggrandizing and meaningless.

It's interesting to me to see that a few years later, so many people, more than we ever DREAMED could be, have been muted, kicked off Etsy or have just left in disgust.