Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh fake Rokali, where have you been all my life?

This is inspired parody.

The Birth of an Idea

I sat in an orange chair facing an open window. Or maybe it was a green chair. Anyway, I was sitting in this chair. It was nighttime and the lights were off. Which made it hard to tell what color the chair was.

But I sat in that chair, in front of that open window, and I could smell madeleines baking. Which was odd, because I was in Brooklyn.

You can follow the wisdom of FakeRokali, on Twitter. For additional yuks, follow FakeLisaJune.


KarmaRox said...

I asked him to make out with me but he said Martha Stewart was more his type.

Anonymous said...

LOVE FakeRokali! He is too awesome :) His last blog about his spirit animal and assferrets made me laugh out loud! ;P

AbsintheDragonfly said...

OMG! You're supposed to post a C & C warning before these types of posts.

Am I still typing English? I can't see my monitor cause there's coffee all over it...

The cat left my lap in a flurry of claws from my hysterical cackling laughter

eclipse said...

Fake Rokali is so much funnier and smarter than the real one, I wish he/she would start a FakeEtsy!
For REAL handmade and REAL vintage!
FakeRokali is making Proust references. I bet realRokali doesn't even know who Proust is.

fake>real x eleventybillion

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Dear Lord, I like it :)

Tired of Fools said...

Oh, Eclipse, your remark above is priceless and soooo full of wisdom. If only!

Thank you Etsy Bitch for giving me the first two people I want to follow on Twitter. I never Twitted before, but Fake Rokali and Fake Lisa June have brought me to the light!

In the spirit of, if you can't lick 'em, join 'em - between these two and Etsy Bitch, I may remain sane through the whole Etsy debacle.

Thank you!

getsy worse by the hour said...

Fake Rokali and Fake etsy have started to get resistance from the tribe on the Facebook harvesting in this thread...
Guess the 'ahem' apology was from the fake Rokali also...

crimsoncat05 said...

HAHAHAHA!!! thank you for posting this!! nowadays, the real Rokali just gives me a wicked headache; fakeRokali gave me a good laugh!!

Feelings said...

EB recently reported that as part of the real Rokali agreeing to grant EB an interview way back when, EB had to stop calling him names.


That's the funniest thing a non-8 year-old ever said.

I think FakeRokali needs to boo-hoo, clutch an owl shaped pillow and curl up in the fetal position while tweeting about the big meanies who call him names.

Cuz even a millionaire wiz kid raking in bucks on the backs of the artsy crafty peons can get his widdle feewings hurt.

And Rokali's feewings are what's important here people. Get a clue.


The Funny One said...

Maybe Fake Rokali (please not lisajune please!) can send out a fake email about all the fake, oops, NOT changes to the privacy settings that collect private info for questionable purposes.

Maybe more Etsy "sellers" ha! can keep listing fake handmade mass imports with a fake-Etsy-encouraged descrips and make snarky banners and write Profiles that make Etsy look more and more like Bullies Central.

Then maybe all the fake buyers will stop wasting time and money on Fake Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Why not Fake Rokali? We all have fake sales numbers now too!