Monday, November 1, 2010

Some banners to tell etsy to kiss your ass!

Closed up shop? Or tried to and Etsy hasn't gotten around to shutting you down yet? Feel free to use one of these to tell them why!


Add your own text

Mad as hell and I'm out of here

See my profile to find me

Find me on ArtFire

Find me on Zibbet

Add your own url or whatever!


Violets new Vintage said...

OMG You B's are too much! Nice work..

Jen said...

I wish I still had a seller's account so that I can use one of those banners! I like the ArtFire one :)

Anonymous said...

Almost makes want a shop on Etsy just to be able to post one of these banners.

Let me thin out- uh no, don't want a shop there for any reason

The Funny One said...

These banners and today's Featured Reseller on Regretsy made my day.

In fact, reading EB and Regretsy, one right after the other, is like going on vacation! I feel so much better!

California Girl said...


28 Wenches said...


Temporarily Anonymous Artist Fleeing Etsy said...

This is awesome. Will keep in mind for future reference...

grannygirl said...

off topic here but I just went to the etsy forums to see if there was any buzz about these banners and the first thing that smacked me in the face was this!
It's a little confusing to me, is HGTV teaming with etsy or is etsy hoping they will? I am wondering if there is anything we can do to dissuade HGTV from this, (by letter writing campaign or something). Any thoughts or suggestions?