Friday, April 2, 2010

Yes, they can sign into your accounts without permission...

... and they have before for many users.

They can read your convos, mess with your account and do anything they want to your accounts at any time without getting prior permission.

When we say watch what you say on Etsy, we mean everywhere. Your convos, the forums, etc etc. They have the right to access your account at any time for any reason.


helloooo said...

This is so true. I know at least twice that sellers have spoken about a situation and left out certain facts. Later when speaking with admin those facts were repeated back. Sadly it's the admin you think would be above board that are not. It is important to warn everyone about this.

sigh... said...

Twitter DM is the new convo

The Funny One said...

The problem is what Etsy does when they do access accounts, like forgetting to sign out. Lack of quality control and lack of respect for sellers and their accounts starts somewhere, and this is proof of at least one source.
Now the question is, why should sellers (and their customers) trust anything Etsy says and does? And then pay fees for a site that takes such a cavalier attitude towards its own integrity (or lack therof)?
The mice will play when the CEO is most certainly not in charge of the playground.

s_baghaii said...

If they have tools that let them do this, there is a potential for a major security breach. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to screw the company over if this type of access is available to everyone.

notthatshocked said...

How long is it going to take before even those sellers that sell well realise that the middle man (etsy) is taking them for a ride?

Your fees pay for a full time tweeter who doesn't tweet your shop. How many times do you think the joke is on you when your name comes up in the IRC (etsy's internal admin chat)

And Rob White as become the spokesman for Rokali even apologising for "his" misunderstanding" of the problems in the forum. HE SOLD OUT.

justwatching said...

Breach of security? What is this grown up term you speak of?

What helloooo said is true. I have seen convo screen shots of private convos and the convos admin replied to.

You see, now that Rob is back, all those people keep their jobs. You know who I mean.

Please etsy, go public. Soon.

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

BULLSHITTERY!! I don't know why I'm surprised! IS it in the TOU that they can do this?

wtf said...

Not surprised, but still really pissed off. And it makes me wonder ... I had a friend on etsy who was really dissastified. She used to convo me her pissed off-ness. Prior to this, she used to appear on the FP regularly, picked by admin. No longer.
I too, occassionally, would be picked for FP. It's been many many months since that happened. I feel like I'm on a black list.

Fed Up With Fools said...

This comes as a surprise to me, but then again, I guess that I'm too trusting and above board myself, to ever expect this sort of behavior from a "supposed" adult admin.

But I guess I really should have realized that anything is possible with people who act like 12 year olds most of the time.

Sure glad I don't send many convos, or post in the forums very often.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really surprised that Etsy does this but I never would have thought of it. Feels too Big Brother-ish. They have no respect for anyone, buyers or sellers.
People definitely need to be warned of this one

Make Way for Deliciousness said...

Not surprised that they can go into user accounts, VERY surprised that they are not only able to read private convos, but that they're also screwing around with people's accounts while they're in there. How unprofessional.

This is from their Privacy Policy under Editing and Deleting Account Information:

"Etsy limits access to personal information about you to employees who Etsy believes reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs."

Somehow diddling around unnecessarily with user accounts doesn't seem necessary for them to 'provide products' or 'do their jobs.'

The Funny One said...

About Etsy convos - one thing all sellers can do right now is to move (and delete) any conversations about Etsy off the site to your own email account. And clean out your saved convo list.
There is a "never promote this store" list, you can bet on that one. Etsy is all about personalities, not professionals.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed something.

What happened? Did Etsy get caught doing this?

I know they do it, but did someone post a specific incident?

Fed Up With Fools said...

They can use their time going through people's convos, but they can't find the time to get rid of the resellers....gee, what a surprise that is!

The Sneaky One said...

While we realize most people know about the reality of this, some new sellers and readers do not. Its worth repeating again.

If you're going to be a cunty mccunterson about it being "old news", you can either not try to post or you can realize your comments wont be let through.

Anonymous said...

For a lot of us, this is news. Particularly noticed on AF.
I guess Etsians can't discuss this in the forums there

donttrustthem said...

If someone is naive enough not to believe that, maybe they shouldn't be doing business on-line! Anyone that has the position of "administrator" in forums, etc., can have permission to access all that! And actually, if you own the site, you have that "right". Is it ethical? It depends on the reason they are doing it.

Sardine said...

Pretty much everything about Etsy is more horrifying than we can even guess.

They treat everyone, EVERYONE with the same arrogant disdain. Sellers, shoppers, developers, employees-not-in-the-cool-clique, other sites, etc. UNLESS you're in the cool clique, in which case you're all set. It's disgusting how childish and evil these losers are.

Eveline said...

The Sneaky One: while you're right about this being 'old news', I too wondered if something specific had happened that made Etsy Bitch decide to repeat the message. The way the post was written also suggests that something happened.

The Sneaky One said...

Eveline, you are right.

We received an e-mail about Rob White being caught in a seller's account.

It wasn't pretty. Let me see if I can find the thread.

J. Cord said...

Just hit a bug. Have to retype.
I became aware quickly they go into accounts. Had a situation and they said they checked all the convos concerning it and that's when I knew they go into accounts at will with no permission.

I keep that area strictly business.

concerned said...

The Sneaky One, did you find the thread?

Etsy and twitter are out of control said...

Quick, unrelated but somehow related, story. I am DONE with vintage. The vintage market/s street team motherfuckers had the nerve to contact their twitter connect(s)(?) and rip my fucking twitter handles (BOTH of them - vintage market and vintage markets) up from under me like an old Stay-Free maxipad.

I signed up and selected the two twitter handles (vintage market and vintage markets) a few weeks ago. I have the email sign ups for both handles to prove it, so this isn't some he-said/she-said shit.

I planned to log in and start tweeting my tits off in conjunction with the Etsy vintage shops I plan(ned) to hawk my junk from. Then BAM! I can't log in!

There must be some MISTAKE. I go and double/triple/quadruple check my passwords. NOPE! Hey! Wait a minute: some other motherfuckers are happily tweeting away on the handles I originally chose!

Yep, JUST LIKE THAT, they decided that they needed and wanted and deserved the vintage market handle MORE THAN I DID. Because who am I but some indie flea market bitch.

Now, I can't tell who yanked the vintage markets handle but they both were hijacked at around the same time.


Etsy and their fucking street teams and their pissy ass admins get whatever they want, apparently.

Can't wait until twitter disintegrates into a ball of flames.

confused said...

I don't understand how big an influence Etsy has on Twitter that they would take your handles away.
Did you email Twitter & ask them what happened, did you get a confirmation email with the handles you chose?

The Righteous One said...

Here's the thread

If the clickable link above doesn't work, the thread id is 6481725

The Righteous One said...

Twitter person, Etsy and Twitter are not related and the street teams are not Etsy admin. If you lost your chosen Twitter id it may have been due to: mistyping the id and thus not getting exactly what you thought (did you transverse two letters?) or perhaps not completing the signup process to verify the account and lock in the id. See

WindysDesigns said...

There is also this thread, just closed by RW:

Eveline said...

I like the way someone in that thread compares it to a bank employee who has a look into your account to see what the problem is. Fine. But what Etsy has done in the case mentioned in the thread is then doing some shopping on your behalf, using your bank account details.

This is not just an 'oops', this is something that should NEVER have been able to happen in the first place.

(word verification is 'flesse', which is close to the Dutch 'flessen', which means bottles but is also slang for being taken advantage of.)

scared said...

I really had no idea.

This is very nasty indeed and creepy. I wonder which admin it was. First Rob said "she" and then he said "she/he" trying to cover it up. And why do all the threads keep getting closed about this?

I just sent a convo to someone asking if they were a sock puppet account, so can "she/he" go in there, read my email and boot me off because I called someone out? Gasp.

Can't "she/he's" energy be used more wisely by just getting rid of the sock puppet account rather then reading my convo about it?

Not surprised said...

I think the fact that many etsy admin are also sellers brings a whole new level to this info.

So an admin that is in competition with me now has access to all my convos, sales history, private purchases from suppliers (no feedback), you name it.


Surely they have to sign enormous privacy policy or conflict of interest contracts before that access is granted, right?