Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials..

Good morning buddies!!

I want to offer another avenue of promotion. You send us your Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Holiday Promos and on Friday, November 28, I will post all of them, no matter where you sell. Don't forget to give us a link to your store, because Im not quite that psychic :D

Maybe we can get a little extra promotion for you for the holidays!

E-mail us with your promo at etsybiatch at gmail.com with the subject line "Holiday Promos"


Kate Gabrielle said...

wow, this is so neat!! You know, on etsy if I wanted to get people to notice my Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions I'd have to edit ALL of the tags in my shop to include "etsyholidaysale" AND put the terms of my sale in each listing description, title, and my shop announcement!! I nearly passed out when I read the Storque article about it (link) I have over 170 items in my shop, so yeah, I'm really going to edit every single item before Friday and then switch them all back on Tuesday?

Sorry for the little rant, that Storque article just REALLY got my goat! Until they come up with a mass-tag-adding function they shouldn't ask us to edit all our tags for sales.

Okay, all done :)

Thanks again for doing this! You guys are awesome :D

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

Thank you for doing this, I have emailed you

MerCurios said...

I too read the Storque article and almost passed out. I was lying awake at 3:29 AM stressing at the thought of editing the 144 items in my shop.

After about an hour of lying there wide awake, I got out of bed and started editing my tags with "etsyfreeshipping" and "etsyholidaysale". Almost an hour in, I'm not even through the 1st page and I've had it!

Thanks for this. You guys ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the slow process of moving my higher priced items to ArtFire and leaving my cheaper items on Etsy, these 'promotions' are just another motivating push. I think what you guys are offering is awesome, I just wish Etsy had it's stuff together enough that this type of thing would be a *bonus*, instead of, well, a *relief*.

I hope that made some sense, it's 3:44 am here and I just finished editing the photos of my latest bracelet so I'm typing while I will the coffee pot to brew faster.

forum rubbernecker said...

I too read the Storque article and almost passed out. I was lying awake at 3:29 AM stressing at the thought of editing the 144 items in my shop.

Yeah, this. I almost had a panic attack about this stuff last night and my roommate's like "don't worry, you're still selling". But the way Etsy is pushing it, it's do or die.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

awesome...I don't have sales in my etsy shop anymore (at least, I try not to) so I'd love some more help in promo'ing my artfire sale! Thanks :)

jed said...

Just sent you an email with info on my Artfire studio sale.

You gals are really special to do this for those of us who haunt your blog! In fact, yours is just about the only email I read these days!

foxaz said...

Off-topic, but just to let you know:

Zibbet is offering $100. lifetime pro accounts right now. They only have about 50 left (started with 100) so if anyone's interested...

Rtisan said...

I have decided that I am not giving any deals, any discounts, nada, nothing. I wrap for free and do everything already and people still want more. The hell with them-- I'll raise my prices before I put one more red cent or one more hour into my unique pieces, because NOBODY has anything like my stuff and only embarrass themselves by trying to compete.
That's how good I feel about myself, dammit, and I owe it all to ignoring the Etsy forums completely. If anything can destroy your self confidence, Etsy can. I list, then import, organize on flickr and my own website, and hope for the best.
Life is too short for this bullshit, and my work doesn't get any better for all the angst!

I love ya, Bitches, though!

Brass Monkey Designs said...

I read the storque article too and was so excited until I saw the tag thing and remembered that they don't have global editing. :o(

The Funny One said...

Right on RTisan! and spread the word. After selling thousands on Etsy until branding took over, I used to agonize about pricing, but no more. Etsy is a bottom feeder. If you see the pattern in your own shop, only the cheapest-priced get traffic (maybe) and that's it, even for previous high volume sellers that are not among the Etsy-chosen.

THIS is the continuing danger of Etsy --- there's an insidious, destructive worm at work that makes seller feel they have to keep lowering prices until it no longer covers the fees to list.

In most cases, it's NOT YOU. It's Etsy! Don't fall into their trap because YOU are the one who won't make any money, waste a lot of time, and not do what you need to do ----which is get off Etsy and spread the word. Let's give Etsy what they want - a millions-items-store with $15 and under pricetags!

UPIT said...

I do better selling two pieces a week at $70 than a pile of junk at $15. How much work do you put into your work vs the time it takes to package all that shit? Great way to lose money.
That, and if the customer doesn't mind, they can buy it on AF instead and save me the % at the back end. They don't mind at all, fuck Etsy.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

UPIT, I have items that I sell for $15 (and under) and items that I sell for $70. The items that I sell for $15 aren't a "pile of junk", so screw off.

UPIT said...

Hey, Catlady, I wasn't meaning to dis anybody-- I call my own stuff shit, and it's not shit. It's my vocabulary.
I still stand on the premise that it takes a lot more work to sell scads of inexpensive stuff than it is to sell less of more expensive shit.