Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best Thread Title: “Is this a Bug or a New Change?”

Hats off to all the sellers who diligently report daily BUGS in the ever-changing, weirdly morphing, almost unshoppable site - Etsy!

Etsy is so unstable, sellers don’t know whether it’s a bug or a new Etsy feature dropped on sellers like an iron anvil right smack in the middle of the holiday selling weeks!

Etsy pays little attention, but when they do, like lisajune finally did to the pesky shopping cart time-outs, they tell sellers AND customers to send MORE DETAILS in emails that, admittedly, MIGHT NOT even make it through the silly, old support@ system!!!

Etsy, the site that makes it impossible for most sellers to sell!


Anonymous said...

That's part of the fun! Etsy makes trying to run an "online business" a gamble! Will the buyer be able to navigate the beautifully non-functional site?? Will the seller ever actually earn a single dime in profit???? Tune in next time! (Love ya, Bitch!)

The Funny One said...

Notice how the longer Admins work at Etsy the less they know about what sellers have to put up with to maintain a store despite all the roadblocks Etsy dumps in front of them?

Cyber_Hippie said...

Um...wow. Just...wow.

I'm glad I am no longer selling there. LOL!

My heart goes out to all of the sellers stuck with this cr*p!

The Sneaky One said...

Sark, I am posting this once and once only. It is not debatable.

Any further attempts to slam sellers in your posts will be rejected. Either state your opinion in your posts without slamming the sellers you don't like, or do not post at all.

You can slam admin all day long, but do NOT slam sellers.

Post-er Girl said...

Clearly most sellers who post in the forum seem to think that Admin are much more attentive and involved than they really are.

Here's a bit of impromptu research: I checked the first 100 threads in each forum section for Admin posts:

Site Help: 6 (2 just to close it)
Business Topics: 3
CPSIA: 3 (3 just to close it)
Critiques: 0
Techniques & Materials: 2
Teams: 0
Ideas: 9
Bugs: 14 (2 started by Admin)
Promos: 3 (3 started by Admin)
Etc: 2

This means only 4.7% of threads get any Admin response.

Only 3.5% of threads get Admin attention beyond either starting or closing the thread.

Obviously the Admin in charge of Teams doesn't put any effort into touching base with Team threads to determine needs or opinions.

And it's deplorable that such a small percentage of Bugs threads get Admin attention. Especially when you actually view the Admin posts and see that all they say is "Thanks, we'll look into it!"

So, if you want to maintain your sanity, don't have such great expectations that Admin is involved with your issues that you post in the forum.

The Funny One said...
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The Funny One said...

Ahoy! Etsy is still on a ship that left the shores of reality about 12 months ago, can you see them off the horizon?

New prize for the newest "deals" from "eetzee" (changed his name, wow) that should have been set up in August: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6352879

But, then, that would be providing TIMELY help to sellers when they have the time to take advantage of it.

Oh well, bon voyage Etsy!

BSETSY said...

None of that shipping crap helps me at all. They want to make deals with other companies, fine; on the other hand they keep pushing shit that costs sellers more money--
Free shipping
Free shit
Cheap shit

How many engineers does it take to screw Etsy Sellers said...


Yeah, another engineer. That brings the tally to what 23 now. :P

He does have a nice background, but so did Chad and we are not seeing any real improvements from him coming on board.

So are they going to fire a couple of the old engineers to fund his salary.

They are either making a hell of a lot more on relisting fees then we realize or they will never be in the black at the rate they hire.

Headshaking said...

What it comes down to is etsy is no longer what it was, they operate in a very narrow window of their own "etsy style" and they aren't there for the majority of sellers.

Bottom line, buyers can't find our items, it's just too difficult. Unless a buyer is looking for a hipster doofus neck cowl or fingerless suicide gloves, etsy is no longer "the" place to shop for handmade. What is? I don't know, I think the buyers are looking elsewhere though...