Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quiet Time Might Be Good For You Etsy

We’re getting pretty sick and tired of the Admin random thought posts showing up every week in the forums that pose more questions than they answer. Most forum readers know what and who we’re talking about.

Is it all a massive diversion trick to keep sellers off of hot topics like the D&D’s and seriously lagging SEO changes? Pull sellers away from trying to get money out of NPB’s? Posting bug reports that have no Etsy response? Continue flagging stores and items that might never be acted upon? Market their stores (because Etsy sure isn’t) and twitter away like mad hatters?

Our advice is to cut the mindless chatter and cute streams of consciousness because sellers really aren’t interested in your pie-in-the-sky pointless whims. They’d rather see the site improvements they ask for year after year, clear as glass.

Stop asking what improvements we want, you already know. Stop asking what type of tools we need to run our shops, we've already told you. Stop musing on trends and themes... Just get to work!


TooOldforEtsy said...

For everyone else who is "too old for Etsy":
Remember Maynard G. Krebs? "WORK?!"

WindysDesigns said...

*But..but...but....they're listening to us! They're asking for our input, so surely they must care about what we think!

Now you're just being a grumpy-hater and a negative nelly. If you hate Etsy so much, then why do you stay? Certainly you must have better things to do than to bitch about those helpful admins who are just trying to justify their jobs and pick our brains for ideas because they have none of their own.

* said with a heavy dose of sarcasm

The Funny One said...

Whatever shape these fits of vanity take, someone clearly thinks is OK to spend gobs of time and money on branding every single word penned by Etsy Admins, but let their employees run amok on the public forums seen by everyone.

And do they look stupid. They're so frequent, you gotta wonder who's guarding the cookie jar. I do give Etsy credit for one thing ----- flights of Admin fancy ALWAYS INVOLVE SOMETHING THAT TELLS SELLERS TO DO MORE work for Etsy for free.

ummmmmno said...

yes...I wonder can etsy be random when they obviously have no randomness whatsoever---as evidenced in the front page and that waste of internet space the dorque..

Is Martha Stewart the head of Etsy now? I expect steaming close up pictures of home cooked thanksgiving dinner...but wait, its not meat....its tofu painted by the etsy staff and some of their little hipster pets...

Now that, folks, is true randomness right there....

foxaz said...

This is an interesting diversion:

50+ pages of discounts and deals people want. Insurance, Paypal discounts, craft store discounts, advertising deals...

Some folks at Etsy just have too much time on their hands.
Just give us a site that works, Etsy. Do your "dealing" elsewhere. I've heard Ning offers a great site for social networking.

I give up said...

Our advice is to cut the mindless chatter and cute streams of consciousness because sellers really aren’t interested in your pie-in-the-sky pointless whims.

The problem is that's exactly what some of these sellers do want, and that's who Etsy is now.

They don't care about the real sellers that are trying to run a legitimate on-line store. That would require real work on their part. There are so many idiotic, friggin moronic sellers that only look at Etsy as a cutesy, fun hobby, 'look honey, I'm selling my stuff' site.

They hang out in the forums all day praising Etsy admins and get upset at the 'old-timers' who dare who bring up real problems.

I'm so sick of seeing threads like 'if you don't like it here, leave!', especially when it's from a seller who joined one month ago and has 2 sales to her name - geez!

Or my favorite - "admins are real people too, you're hurting their feelings."

There has been a view bug for a full day now that is over inflating our views. These morons are coming onto the forum saying 'but it's so much fun to see high views, I like pretending that people are looking at my stuff!' - WTF!!

Unfortunately, that's who Etsy is talking to. It's the lowest common denominator and until that changes and the majority of the sellers start acting like real business owners, I don't see anything changing. Honestly, it's so sad.

Thank god for EB!

upsetwithadmin said...

HA! Etsy Admin "work"? They don't know the world-wide definition of the word "work" because they have their own definition.

jed said...

When I saw that thread started by Jesse ... handling business development....I had to laugh.

Like they are really going to develop useful things when they can't even get the search or SEO right. NOT... Give us all a break and keep your not so bright ideas to yourself, and your lollipop friends in NYC.

What a crock!

friendofafriend said...

"Back from Matt from Etsy's talk.Said custom group accnts r soon. Parnterships w/ Martha, AOL... are their big focus. #dowhatyouwantwiththat"
...from a Twittering friend earlier this month, Oct. 7th. So, LOL at the Martha comment made earlier.

onagainoffagain said...

Here, here!!

I laugh when I see newbies asking for the same things we've been asking for for 4 years or so. I also laugh cause they don't listen. No one listens.

I want crap to work. There's a bug with the categories = lost items and has been that way for over a month. No luck.

I also want to know what the HECK happened to that 27 million that was invested in Etsy?!

RRobin said...

Quoting I give up...

Or my favorite - "admins are real people too, you're hurting their feelings."


That's the one I can't get over.

here we go again said...

the 27 million went towards paying salaries for 70+ people at etsy who don't seem to do anything. I wish they had left the Etsy hacks guy alone. At least he was making useful functional programs to make things work better.

The rest of the 27 mill went towards a travel fund for Maria and her entourage so they could travel the world spreading the Etsy playful vibe.

NeedTylenol said...

There are so many idiotic, friggin moronic sellers that only look at Etsy as a cutesy, fun hobby, 'look honey, I'm selling my stuff' site.

OMG, yes. Not to knock other sellers, but for some reason the Etsy explosion of new sellers has caught a very strange breed in it's net. What should I sell? Why am I not selling? Is this a scam? Do I need delivery confirmation?


Etsy admin needs to make the D & D and TOUs and the Seller Handook far far far more visible to new people. Make em take a quiz of something. The forums are lately cluttered with this crap.

onagainoffagain said...

Has anybody noticed the look of the subcats has changed?

Another Etsy oddity. Do I smell v3?

Thanks for the clarification on the 27 mil. I was just saying I would love to make a surprise visit to the Etsy office to see what these people are actually doing.

Probably eating cupcakes and playing on twitter.

lessa said...

Well, those types of sellers are not new unfortunately. It never ceases to amaze me when I see a post title along the lines of, 'I just sold something now what?'

What do you mean now what, you get paid and ship it. So many people who don't think past the immediate action of listing.

Eveline said...

Etsy Admin work? They're too busy pumping up their inflatable dino's..

Rtisan said...

Okay, here's the bottom line IMHO:
Etsy does a great job of bringing in new sellers. Whether they actually sell their things or not is secondary.
They are doing exactly according to plan: signing up sellers and squeezing every penny out of them thru relisting and showcasing.
It's a venue, in that it has people on it who want to sell. That's the bare minimum of the definition, and that's probably good enough for their bottom line.
Playful like a kindergarten.

sark said...

Well, here's my concern:
why are items from sherrytruitt featured in 6 gift guides?

why are items from toybreaker featured in 8 gift guides?

why are items from lirola featured in 4 gift guides?

why are items from blisscandles featured in 4 gift guides?

why are items from MagnolijaDRESS featured in 3 gift guides?

why are items from chicsindesigndotcom featured in 3 gift guides?

why are items from carolhannah featured in 3 gift guides?

why are items from TheHandworkGroup featured in 3 gift guides?

why are items from RitzyMisfit featured in 5 gift guides?

why are items from girlsavage featured in 5 gift guides?

I would love to ask this of any "helpful" admin on the etsy forums, but a bunch of dimwits would pitch a bitch fit about calling out.

There are 3 million items on that site, and how many sellers? So, etsy admin, PLEASE tell me why these ones get all the free promotional slots?

There may be a gazillion gift guides, but really, no one should be in any more than 2 at a time, given how many sellers with quality products are featured in ZERO.

TooOldforEtsy said...

Somebody will always tell you it's about photos, or quality. THAT'S NOT TRUE.
Maybe: laziness, kickbacks, buddies, but I choose LAZY MOTHERFUCKERS.

just bitchy said...

Sherry Truit stopped posting in the public forums so, of course, she's the new "golden child."

I can only imagine she was "contacted" and had things "explained" to her and now, since she complied, she's featured.

There is NO reason to feature the same people over and over when there are thousands of sellers.

I'm sensing some quid pro quo. I just wonder what one agrees to to get that much exposure.

Etsy is the new Satan, rounding up souls for sale.