Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Dorque Gets a Facelift?

Well, Vanessa, this little ditty just made our day. With the usual accompanying Dorque post that goes on (and on) about the FINAL TOUCHES to ETSY BRANDING that started with a site for selling all things handmade, and turned into a self-proclaimed "online style magazine" for people who are willing to make and list what Etsy tells them to!

Oh my, and here we were, wondering what the hell Etsy Admins do all day, busy as cute little felted furry bees making sure the entire site is a cookie-cutter orange brand statement from its Front Page to its adorable little pencilled characters frolicking though the cupcaked tulips!

Despite the time of year (holidays coming, remember them Etsy?)and the scads of new rules (all the better to bonk sellers on their heads!) we are so relieved to see what’s important to Etsy------- and that’s the Brand!

No new listing template, no more secure shopping cart, no solution to NPB's and resellers, no coupon codes, no customer service department, no new promotions, or just about anything else meant to support and help sellers (other than faves) SELL on Etsy!

The circle of Etsy Fail is complete!


Eveline said...

But everyone's sooo happy about it! And something just HAD to be done to get those nasty spammers out. You know, Spam is Bad! Too bad they don't feel that way when it comes to other sites..

Here's the thread where everyone is falling over themselves to say how much they LOVE the new Storque:

The Funny One said...

Guess Etsy can ignore the people who think the Dorque is wasted space, even though it gives FT jobs to so many Admins. Along with the SEO changes (again, no notice went out until it was already done and over) I urge sellers to remember ---- Etsy made all these changes pre-holiday for a reason.

When you list and relist your items and market your store, you advertise and market Etsy for free without anything in return.

If you're a seller who used to sell on Etsy and have seen your views and sales drop 100% in '09, every time you list and market your Etsy store, you get even less for a lot of money and a lot of your valuable time---------for free and for less than you got in 2008. Sounds like Etsy is stacked against most (really 100% handmade) sellers on the site to me!

Old Hippie Bitch said...

The phrase "online style magazine" really hits the nail on the head.

And hit me on the head with that hammer, because I couldn't grasp what the goal was with all this '09 bullshit (or whether there even was a goal). Now I get it.

RRobin said...

Today is Halloween and it is Christmas on Etsy's front page right now, with wreaths and reindeer.

You want holiday promotions? You got 'em, at at a time and in a style guaranteed to turn off most prospective buyers.

There was an article just this past week in Women's Wear Daily about how shoppers really hate early holiday hype, especially now that the economy is bad, and don't like to see Christmas decorations shoved in their faces until after Thanksgiving.

Retailers were advised to rein in the reindeer for a while for their own good.

But does anyone at Etsy read the trade press? Hell no. They are too busy creating their own "online style magazine" -- love that phrase, and it truly nails what Etsy is.

RRobin said...

Etsy will have reached its full branding potential when chain stores that rely on cheap imports, like Urban Outfitters, Walmart and Old Navy, along with online reseller venues, start running promotions that say, "Get the Etsy look for half the price!"

smsk said...

I see the purpose of having a blog, but etsy's is TOO much. All those ridiculous category titles that mean nothing, that half the time have posts in them that make no sense, it's a wonder anyone can find anything

Unless you spend ALL day on the forums & storque (and some do) you will have no idea what the eff is going on & to comment endlessly on it & how AWESOME etsy is. The storque is a muddled mess. Stop being cutesy for FIVE SECONDS.

Make an About Us section to put employees bios in, not in etc. w/ Voting & Winners - & have a section for that while you're at it.

The storque gives me a headache sometimes.

Combustion Glassworks said...

The Xmas fp on Halloween day is mindblwoing... They make SO LITTLE SENSE EVER!

kyuuketsuki said...

I love how Vanessa blithely announces that the admin side of things had some bugs fixed.
Etsy must be selectively deaf, because nobody hears when sellers report problems and issues and ask for fixes, but when the admins whine about an issue, the Etsy code sock-monkeys are there to save the day.

Head/Desk said...

I was wondering when you'd get to this topic. Didn't even bother to look..why should I when I never go there anyway.

I'm tired of all the "look at me and how hip I am" admins who have the combined common sense of a bag of rocks. And to think they get paid for this. Really toasts my tootsies!

And as far as being an online style magazine, I certainly hope the "style" is on its way out and they get left in the dust of a whole lot of folks heading to greener pastures!

Indigo said...

I wonder when the cupcakes will wake up and find out they are just sweatshop workers, making stuff for Etsycorp?

sweatshop Etsy = Shwetsy

WTF etsy said...

Ok seriously, no idea WHY I bother to check the FP. Both the featured seller (um, hello etsy, she just had an entire article to herself) and a fox toy from the newest Storque finds article are both on the FP.

Nice, well made items, but FEATURE NEW PEOPLE. Give others a chance. Stop being so lazy. It's not that difficult.

meh x2000 said...

Not bothered by early Christmas promotion, since custom-made work and international shipping times sort of require lots of lead time.

However, the same-old same-old, the mistagged items, the wrong-category items all on the FP continue to annoy the hell out of me. How does admin expect sellers to adhere to the rules when the fucking admins themselves won't do it???

fontsy said...

I still don't really see what they did. Changed a couple fonts? Must've taken all month...

fontsy said...

and fyi, the gobuyvogue spammer wasn't stopped for even 1 post. nice work etsy-spam-busters. try again.