Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back to Normal!

We were amazed how many comments we got saying they fell for it or "almost" fell for it, but we're happy everyone enjoyed our joke*. Hope you all had a great day, our contribution to the day might not has been as cool as some sites, but we're happy you all joined in all the same.

We're also just as happy, as we hope you are, that the sugary fluff is gone now. All those rainbows give you gas. Trust us.

* Note a joke, we love DXO. We want to have her babies.


h. snidbiscuits said...

No! I liked the other banner better!

buddy said...

Is that what caused it? Rainbows!! Damn!! My DH kicked me out of the room last night!

Peldyn said...

I put that banner up and I am using it for target practice! Lobbing cupcakes is sooo much fun!