Friday, January 2, 2009

Is it Lazy Hazy Summertime Already, Etsy?

Leave it to Etsy to keep spinning their own reality. Those “updates” to the front page smack in the middle of the holiday season (without any forewarning to sellers) has now been “refreshed”with one new Showcase - with a summertime theme!

Note: We realize this is likely their subtle way of recognizing the Southern hemisphere, but almost none of the items in the showcase fit the theme. It was also unannounced, and since it's a deviation from their normal Brooklyn-centric approach, it appears completely off. How about a Southern Summer showcase for sellers IN that hemisphere? hmm

Did you get fooled into spending your hard earned money for a spot on a “brand new” Showcase that has nothing to do with reality and the real retail calendar? Etsy’s making money, are you? Slap together a Showcase, any Showcase, slap on a wacky title — and it’s a steady stream of money --------- for Etsy.

Did Etsy forget about Valentine’s Day? (It's 5 weeks away and the next showcase on sale is "Feather your nest" instead of V-day) Mother’s Day? Father’s Day?

Nope, they were just too lazy to refresh the Front Page, make it relevant, and work hard to invite and excite their visitors to take a look and see what’s new!!!

Did they get right on the issue of Coupon Codes to help sellers sell in the post-holiday, retail-doldrums (extra negative) slow down in January, February and March? OMG, too much work!

Taking the easy, wacky-way out is Etsy’s motto - and it’s just too much work to update that damn Front Page. If it still looks like the holiday season (which it does) will Etsy ever catch up to reality? Or will they just keep missing important retail dates until it’s way too late for sellers to ship to their customers? Remember Back To School in mid-September? Are we in for another year of missed opportunities on Etsy? Uh huh.

Oh, we know Etsy reads the calendar. Before they took off for the New Year Holiday, they sent everyone their December Etsy Bill 24 hours EARLY!

Remember, ya’all. This is a site that features a picture of 2 white suitcases right under “.......all things handmade.”. Out of touch with reality and more confusing then ever? Yep, that’s Etsy.


not to insult people down under but said...

Let's go surfin' now
Everybody's learning how
Come on and safari with me
(Come on and safari with...)

That swell gang of hipsters.

forum rubbernecker said...

Remember, ya’all. This is a site that features a picture of 2 white suitcases right under “.......all things handmade.”. Out of touch with reality and more confusing then ever? Yep, that’s Etsy.
ENOUGH with damn suitcases. Ok, Etsy admin? I know you read here, and if you are going shove something in our faces every day, PLEASE MAKE IT SOMETHING BETTER. More "handmade", more skilled. Not something with mediocre artwork on it just because there is a good picture. Please? At this point I will take anything else, anything at all that is not a damn suitcase. Even something with "KMart photography". (and apologies to those who sell vintage, I am not referring to you, I actually own and like vintage luggage, just not that altered-mediocre crap)
And I am glad Etsy to see for once, that Etsy Admin is marketing early. Oh, wait, it's still winter. Even in California, I am sitting in my bathrobe now watching the morning ice melt. Oh, yes, let me get all over summer. I think there are 2 seasons at Etsy:
Christmas/winter where they slack off because Woohoo, The holidays are coming. And
Summer, where they slack off because Woohoo, we're going on vacation.

Top Shelf Totes said...

I think they should have at least made it a 'travel to summer in winter' type promotion... that would have at least meant something.

I don't understand how Etsy feels it is okay to ask people to pay for showcases while they don't do anything to make them work. I just don't get it.

My shop has been turned off... we'll see if I ever turn it back on.

The Righteous One said...

Well, we've given Etsy shit about not considering their international customers, but they went way off the retail calendar and didn't explain that they were supporting who the current showcase (we hope) is attempting to support.

They're still way off on how to communicate, what's going on in the retail world, and how to fucking scan the showcase items for relevancy.

What the fuck does jewelry have to do with summer?!?!?!

And why isn't V-day being marketed for?

abitabite said...

Actually Chinese New Year and Australia Day are both coming up Jan 26th. Forget V-Day, if this is an international site, you can make just as much of a big deal about China's biggest celebration of the year. And an equal celebration Australia's national day as they did of 4th of July.

Too Young to Learn? said...

I am on the cusp of giving up giving a shit.
Ignorance is fine, but intentional ignorance is not.
I still don't think that Etsy is being run by anybody except the people who happen to be on duty at the time.

Disappointed said...

I would like to see Etsy on the ball for once. Just once. Valentine's Day is ridiculously close. If people want stuff in time for V Day, they pretty much should be ordering now.

Even an Easter promotion or Mother's Day or Spring time promotion would make more sense.

Etsy is not supporting international sellers with this showcase. It is ridiculous. Give us clearly noted currency, give us currency conversion tools - that would be supporting international sellers.

annoyed said...

How about planning some Valentines Promotions? 1/3 of the site is jewelry, what gives? Or will they wait until Feb 1st, when it is too late to order international?

If they want their sellers to really promote for them, we at least need to know what the promotions are in advance so we can plan.

The Righteous One said...

Great point abitabite:

Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, different independence celebrations, even the U.S. inauguration

All potential marketing points. But no, they promote seasonal items that they'll revisit in a couple months.

BTW, did they ever follow through on their Holidays marketing?

sugarpanda said...

Seriously, this is just ridiculous.

Has any of the Etsy staff walked into a brick and mortar store lately? Like Walmart or even CVS? It looks like a Valentine's Day tornado blew through's sad because they could have used this as a wonderful opportunity to attract new customers to Etsy for their V-Day gifts.

life-during-wartime said...

Etsy will have to rewrite the lyrics to 'Surf City':

Two (thousand) girls for every boy!

Anonymous said...

Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, different independence celebrations, even the U.S. inauguration, I'm sure that we will get a Stroque article on these.

Poorly executed, I might add.

Dore said...

I'm sure that Etsy hasn't forgotten about Valentine's Day, they just won't actually implement anything until a week before the 14th. The sad part is, I'm really not joking. I just know it will end up being this way and it makes me so incredibly sad.

alwaysdisappointed said...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they handled this so poorly. And, in a perverse sort of way, I'm glad they aren't featuring v-day jewelry. They'll just feature their favorites who totally raked it in at Christmas. Why should hte favorites also get to rake in in on v-day too. ugh! They tend to forget that there are like a million other jewelry sellers besides their favs. I think a feature/showcase on the southern hemisphere summer, Australia Day or Chinese New Year would have been fun. But of course they missed the boat.

I haven't seen those white suitcases. Did they take them down? They were probably sold.

jodie nicholson said...

Etsy can never just nail it, can they...

Recognising those of us on the other half of the planet = good


Why not make it blatantly obvious that this was done for us and call it something like Southern Hemipshere Summer showcase? And we don't say 'vacation' here, Im pretty sure that New Zealand doesn't either. Perhaps Singapore and other Asian countries do?
And why does this not get announced??? I mean, if they are truly trying to make international strides, why not email to give us a heads up? DaWanda does in a heartbeat....but DaWanda manages to do a lot of things Etsy doesn't.

Hey Etsy, how about sticking the landing for once?

PaintedBull said...

Maybe the Etsy hipsters think Valentines Day is old-fashioned, and not cool enough...


Howard T. Snidbiscuits said...

Huh? What's a Hemisphere?

Oh.. you mean down in Texas? My brother visited there once.

Revolving Dork went to California for business... I heard he saw a Mexican.

Just kidding... we're in Brooklyn. We know all there is to know about you Foreigners because we live in the most Worldly City in the World!

The Funny One said...

Etsy just so missed the boat on this one, it was both a shock and the most embarassing box on the top of the front page. Prime real estate and Etsy looks like a complete fool in the world of retail, and they are talking!! Etsy's a joke all over.

BUT, the real fraud is that Etsy made several thousand dollars selling off those "summer" spots to eager beaver sellers who are completely desperate for some way ANY WAY to promote their goods---------since not everyone can be an Etsy fave and be PROMOTED FOR MONTHS FOR FREE.

Etsy not only looks stupid (and on some serious drugs) BUT THE SELLERS look stupid too. The joke is on the sellers, and Etsy is raking in the dough.

Fuck the showcases. Etsy found a golden egg and they're shafting sellers big time every time the list a new one and sellers line up to be burned - again. These showcases are completely surrounded by ETSY PICKS - so 3 times out of 4, visitors are going to click on an Etsy pick---NOT AN EXPENSIVE SHOWCASE SPOT. Complete waste of money and a sham.

buddy said...

You people are being very generous by providing the "southern hemisphere" excuse to the admins who undoubtedly didn't think about that aspect for an instant.

At least there aren't any Summer Neck Cowls in there.

chotol said...

have you ever traveled with those suitcases?they were a pain in the ass then just as they are now. they would break-split through the sides going through luggage shoots all the time. i'm tired of looking at those ugly ass hipster vessels.

who is that seller bonking?