Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quotables: Communication, What a concept

Please operate as if you were a business.

I appreciate that an explanation was finally given. In the future, I hope that we are notified BEFORE a change is implemented. It would run alot more smoothly.

...We are deserving of more respect and it shouldn't be necessary for everyone to reach a breaking point before the powers that be at Etsy do the right thing.

A venue situation is very interdependant upon all parties doing the right thing. Bottomline, you guys need to improve your communication skills. PERIOD

This is supposed to be business, having to speculate and having to play guessing games or having to beg for some sort of input from you guys is very counter productive. It needs to change.


The Disgruntled One said...

I saw that post and applauded it at the time.

Why do we all fall all over ourselves to thank Etsy when they just stop doing something outrageously stupid?

We have such low expectations of the company that it's pathetic.

morgansilk said...

My expectations get lower and lower and lower.

buddy said...

I think all the people who are jockeying to post the most Thank-You's, and slobbering about how wonderful Etsy is are just toadies who are dying for an admin to see their brown-nosing and put them in a gift guide of fp.

Thank you Etsy may I have another!!!
Thank you Etsy may I have another!!!

Anonymous said...

Buddy, LMAO! I went out for dinner giggling about the "Thank you Etsy may I have another!!!" line and I am still hysterical over it. You made my night.

I am so God damn done with EtsyCrap. I officially notified my blog readers this evening with an eloquent post on the matter and gave Rob back the fuck you he has been giving to the community at large.

The Funny One said...

Maybe those same toadies will jump to Etsy's whim with their all-seller-email about Toy Testing & Regs., as if Etsy has worked *so hard* on creating a "community"--to rally behind their "open letter"---- and Etsy has more delusions of grandeur.

More like, some Admin "thought this was a good idea" and sent a plea for help to sellers, BUT FORGOT to send an all-seller email about all the changes they decided to make smack in the middle of the holiday retail season!

Weren't we all asking "What is Etsy?" 4 years ago? OK, what IS Etsy 4 years later? Anybody know?

Well, Etsy doesn't either.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that open letter. Etsy doesnt give a rats patoot about the demise of the individual plush seller and what have you, they care about the potential loss of revenue from the proposal. They didnt do shit when there was a 500+ post thread on the lack of food sellers being compliant to the rules and regs mandated for the edibles category because it apparently wasnt enough revenue being generated from those sales to make or break. One again, they only pay attention when there is potential for the masses to folly and for Etsy to stand a chance at a financial loss.

Listen up: Etsy doesnt give a shit about you, Etsy only gives a shit about Etsy.

I'm rambling, I know.