Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maintenance complete

According to the Etsy maintenance blog and a thread started, and then closed, by RobWhite, this weekend's scheduled maintenance is complete, and went off without a hitch.

Oh, except all those threads in the bugs forum from people who didn't know there was going to be maintenance and had issues with pictures, listing, showcase, etc.

So far no fall out from the actual work, which was completed about 4 minutes shy of their 6am 'deadline'. Chad is proving himself to be less inept than the previous engineers in charge of this stuff (but then who isn't less inept than Revolving Dick).

May I take this opportunity to point out how important communication is? Etsy, just a suggestion (AGAIN). Email all your members for something like this. It'll help make RW's job in the Bugs forum that much easier. Oh, and remember, when scheduling maintenance, maybe take a look at the retail calendar. kthxbye


The Funny One said...

Communication with sellers is not, after 4 years, a priority for Etsy. Aside from Admin's patronizing attitude, their history of communicating with sellers adds up to a big pile of nasty stuff that earned them their own bad reputation.

Etsy threw away their most precious resource when they made it clear that sellers were a dime a dozen, so easy to mute and ban, scold and punish. No wonder their announcements (so often AFTER the fact) are viewed with deep suspicion.

RW wrote that Etsy was "aware of the importance of this weekend to sellers"--------but in reality, Etsy does whatever they want to do DESPITE sellers.

Etsy has turned ignoring sellers into an artform of its own! And it could have all been so different.

foxaz said...

Site maintenance may be completed, but I think they mistakenly added molasses instead of oil...
The site's so sloooow it forced me to leave in frustration. *sigh*

bugged said...

I couldn't relist sold items or add new items because the pictures did not show up. This was from approx. 5:30pm to 10 or so.

Not just me but a bunch of people on the forums having the same problems. And no admin input at all. so I wouldn't say without a hitch.

The Funny One said...

It's not fixed and maintenance has been totally fucked - sellers can't load pictures or new items, many cannot edit items, THERE ARE DOZENS OF BUG REPORTS-------IT'S 9:30 AM IN BROOKLYN AND NO ONE IS HOME!!!!!!!!!

ETSY, PHONE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrsfatface said...

I completely agree with there lack of communication. After there "MAINTENANCE" I cant seem to get any views, even after relisting and listing new items. Not sure what is up.