Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Even more EtsyHacks

Our pal at EtsyHacks has added even more hacks since our original post on the 3rd! If he wasn't married we'd totally do him.

You have to run Firefox and install this extension, or install this into Safari, for these to work.

Get a load of the full list - it should shame Etsy that ONE man has made all these in mere DAYS. Some of these are so simple he said it took longer to make the page about the tool than to make the tool itself.

Adds item and shipping subtotals to your receipt pages.

quote post
Adds a 'quote this post' link to each post in the forums.

forum user links
Adds links to a user's profile, the "heart this user" function, and links to send them a convo and see all the convos you've had with them.

cancel transaction
Adds links to cancel transaction from the sold orders and view transaction pages.

edit this item
Adds "edit item" and "delete item" links to the View Listing page when viewing an item in your shop.

transaction id to url
Change the text "Transaction ID# ..." for each item on the "printer-friendly" receipt page into a URL.

printable receipt enhancer
Apply IDs and class names to elements on the printable receipt page, so that you can use stylesheets to change the appearance of the page. Change the font size, hide sections, change colours, add a logo - see the example stylesheets for examples.

convo linker
Automatically turns the text "listing #..." or "transaction #..." in a convo into a link. Useful for when a customer uses the "contact the seller" link to send you a convo.

buyer info
Add extra information to the "buyer" box on a receipt page - a link to convos with that user, a link to their feedback page, a link to send them a convo, and a link to their email address.

printer-friendly linker
Add a link to the "printer-friendly" receipt view for each order on your orders page, next to the link to the regular receipt.

Many of the original ones have been updated, so if you got yours last week be sure to click the install button on them again to make sure you have the most current copy.


Paw and Claw Designs said...

Holy SHIT!

i think i needs to get me some greasemonkey.



What the HELL, Etsy?!?!

LeaKarts said...

Wow. I mean really. WOW Etsyhacks! You rock!

Persephone said...


snagged it, and donated a little too....wish it were more!

Get these..and Donate...its easy as pie!


sigh said...



HistoricallyInspired said...

Seriously. Ian is the best. I suggested the "edit this listing" hack and he had it done within hours.

He is the best thing to happen to ETSY since Rob Kalin left. Maybe better.

(For the record, I also love the kind soul who created LetsEts and the folks over at Majaba).

Paw and Claw Designs said...

how is it that we love the OFF SITE features more than the actual site?

jesse janes said...

Hugs for Ian!!

shipwack said...

Is the site "etsyhacks" down? I keep getting a page load error.

"Failed to Connect
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection."

frip man said...


"I've shied away from writing any scripts that apply extra load on the Etsy servers by pulling in data feeds, etc. - the idea is to make Etsy more useful, not to cripple the site for everyone by dragging the servers into the mire."

Well, THANK GOD!!!

Are Etsy's servers being 'crippled' by some evil forces, and the rest of us just can't tell or something?