Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quotables: How Old is Etsy?


Professional. Nope, Etsy does not come across that way at all.

Time Out
Talking to Etsy sometimes feels a bit like argueing with a 4 year old lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala I can't hear you lalalallalalallalalalal Close Thread lalallalallalalalallalalallalalallala

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traveler said...

yes, quoting those throwing tantrums b/c they can't get their way and change the focus of a site proves a heck of a lot

The Funny One said...

Aren't dog years like swimmy years? because I think every serious seller on Etsy has aged one swimmy year for every half year that Etsy's been around because that's what it feels like when:
-it takes dog years to load a new listing;
-you can only rely on Views until they break again and that's it folks;
-you spent one third of every living moment trying to set up and update you store using the most medieval "templates" and endless numbers of moving parts to make it look professional while the rest of the site went to the dogs;
-if you sell something, you get 2 notices, and the whole shipping thing is so manual, your fingers fell off and then you had to wait in line at the PO for 48 minutes;
-you have 4 years of new wrinkles caused by Etsy-set-up-store-help-begging-bugs-broken-boring-blog or die-infantile labs-spankings-mutes-Etsy's-way-of-doing-"business" and boy, are we tired.

MI Zombie said...

lalalalala closed thread lalalalalala

That is some funny shit!