Monday, October 27, 2008

Hell Froze errr, ummm...
Etsy Site Maintenance went
As Scheduled.

That's right folks, the scheduled maintenance at Etsy to migrate just about everything from the old servers to the new and improved servers went off essentially without a hitch. So far there are no reports of Etsy sellers going into shock from the efficiency and smoothness of the process.

Way to go Chad! What a difference between this and the V.2 rollout.

From Righteous: On another note, the Etsy site went down for about 20 minutes on Oct 26, prior to the upgrade, and they actually were on top of it enough to note it at within minutes. This is definitely a change! Be sure to check that blog out when Etsy just doesn't seem right...from a technical standpoint, that is.


XO Handworks said...

Yeah Etsy! Great job!

Simone said...

It did go very smoothly for a nice change, which was great.

But ... Etsy still does a rubbish job of telling people which timezone they're talking about - even when it's really important that people understand the timing of something.

The downtime happened at a time when most Americans would have been asleep (which is sensible), yet the timing on the message provided when the site was down was written purely for an American audience.

The timing of it was given as 'ET' ... which would mean nothing to most non-Americans - it's not even a legitimate timezone code! Plus there is an eastern timezone in Australia and it's likely that Australian buyers (who tend to be active at that time of day) who aren't knowledgeable about Etsy itself would have wondered if that's what was being referred to and if Etsy had actually been down for a very long period of time.

This is bad form for an important site with a broad international audience. It's easy to set up a fixed time world clock or to give an alternative time in GMT alongside the US time. And it's even easier to at least make it very clear that they're talking about a US timezone.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Alright, so next time...use an international time code.

But...hooray! If this is a sign of things to come then amen...

Eveline said...

I was really worried when Etsy went down before the scheduled maintenance, but so relieved to come back the next day and find Etsy up and running actually ahead of time, and everything still there where it should be.

Let's hope that this is how it will be from now on.

life-during-wartime said...

They gave the time as ET? It's still EDT until this Sunday morning. So, yeah, they need an 'Etsy Time' display on all pages that shows both ET or EDT (the time it is in Brooklyn) and GMT. And they should be using 24 hour time. I mean, someone could spike the cupcakes and get them all confused between AM and PM.

The Funny One said...

It did go without lingering major bugs, so I guess I need to thank my utility co's for my electricity and gas today, the water suppliers for a working shower, etc because like, ummm, it's expected to work?

And since all of Etsy's energy, time and hours of "work" went into the server transfer, guess that's why the site looks so boring (crowded as hell but boring) for this HOLIDAY shopping period which began on 10/1/08, ooops, no, on Etsy it starts, what? sometime on Dec. 24th???

Why, Etsy was so innovative, they quadrupled the showcases spots so sellers could waste more money!!!! How innovative! How creative! How unique!

How completely totally and unconditionally boring. If I visited Etsy for the first time, the front page alone would send me off to lots of other sites that sell handmade AND have lovely, simple, easy to use shopping portals.................after 5 clicks, my purchases are on their way!

Eveline said...

I'm getting slightly bored with the 'Oh wow, Admin, you did an amaaaaazing job!' when they do something that's just... what they are paid to do, like kicking out a reseller... But of course you're not supposed to say that, because it's negative and everyone deserves a compliment every now and again.