Monday, September 8, 2008

Good news, bad news - Fall fashion showcase

ah...the bugs forum

The bad news - there was miscommunication at Etsy corp and the Fall Fashion Showcase did not go up on time.

The good news - they fully refunded those who had purchased spots that day!

The bad news - vintage wasn't allowed until 8 hours (1/3 of the day) into Monday

The bad news - accessories also was not originally allowed though it was supposed to be, and there's confusion and no answers about jewelry

Well, 1 out of 4 is better than usual.

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life-during-wartime said...

So vintage is (should be?) included in showcases with handmade items now? Hey, why not? Surely digging thru yard sales and thrift shops is just as challenging and creative as designing and making.

All snarking aside, I know there is no equal comparison between being a shrewd shopper for my antiques inventory and learning the skills necessary to design and make the kind of items I sell. This is a sad development for Etsy handmade sellers. Now it's simply about what is allowed to be sold on the site, and any potential seller with 20 cents. Way to go, Etsy!

The Funny One said...

Please bring back the Pets one, Etsy, that one was really good with so many unrelated items that it looked just like the Main Showcase, the Fashion Showcase, the Guides, the showcases that are featured in almost every single blog article, and the Finds emails.

Call them what you will, charge for the spots, or don't charge for the spots, they all look the same.

After 18 months, if all you can come up with is Themed Showcases to help sellers promote on the site, then woe is everyone when the holidays roll around.........maybe a Tree Ornaments Showcase on January 2nd? Or a Stockings on the Fireplace Showcase on February 4th?

The Righteous One said...

I just want to remind everyone that personal attacks on other Etsians (whether we agree with them or not) won't be published in the comments.

Also, Anonymous comments will be deleted. Please choose a name - any made up or real name - before commenting.

Simone said...

And yet again Etsy fails to acknowledge that a not inconsiderable portion of its audience are on the other side of the world and that a fall showcase is therefore entirely irrelevant to those people.

Why not make it 'fall/spring' instead? Easy to do, doesn't ostracise a bunch of potential buyers, shows that Etsy has a clue that the rest of the world exists, etc..

its always something said...

is there no oversight at all at Etsycorp?

Or is it just one big oversight altogether?

Next, we'll have giant package showcases, with handmade wigs and vintage Gucci.

Pandora said...


I'm not even a seller, and this just boggles my mind. What are you sellers even paying for, seriously? This is the reason I pay no attention to Showcases.

idyll hands said...

Ah, the showcase. Such a waste - especially when things like this happen.

How about taking that money and buying an ad on EtsyBitch? :)

Anonymous said...

More proof that nobody thinks things through up there in Brooklyn. Are they assholes, stupid, or on drugs?
Why can't they get rid of lame employees and get some with some drive. Either that, or the Bosses need to put a cattle prod on those people.

They do not think things through-- it's all knee-jerk. No evidence of planning at all. These are not professionals-- if they call themselves professionals, it's only because they are being paid.
what is this? The training ground for babies?????????

Bright Circle said...

Eh. Whatever. I don't care about Showcases myself.

P.S. I just recieved a mute. Being new to the club I don't know where the memo is posted that lets the community know, so I'm posting it here.

The Righteous One said...

BrightCircle...which thread/post did they cite as the reason? Feel free to email us at if you prefer

crabby said...

The showcases have been looking pretty crummy lately. There are always obvious holes because maybe people are realizing it's just a waste of their money. Plus, the category ones always slow my computer/the loading of the page down.

The Disgruntled One said...

As a promotional tool, Showcases are a very, very tired concept. I'd love to see some fresh ideas from Etsy for on site promotion.

And, yes, the timing is typical of Etsy -- late. Fall fashions appear in retail stores by early summer where I live.

MOJ said...

And, yes, the timing is typical of Etsy -- late. Fall fashions appear in retail stores by early summer where I live.
That's how it is here and I hate that.

Many times I've needed a new swimsuit for last minute trip near the end of summer only to find they have been off the racks since mid-july.

I sort of like to shop for fall stuff in the fall. I don't like buying stuff I can't wear for weeks. Heck I don't even know what I'll like in 2 months. Maybe that purple sweater will never see the light of day because I'll be over purple by the end of August.

I know it's out of sync but I like it better that way.