Monday, September 1, 2008

Don't Flag a Reseller, Call Them Out in the Forums!

...because it works. It took only 30 minutes for the reseller's shop to vanish. During the 90 minute lifespan of this thread, more than a few apparent reseller links were posted. Rob White closed the thread on this note:

This is not the way.

Again, I understand that you're frustrated, and I have every intention of contributing to internal discussions about flagging and about those who open Etsy accounts without any apparent intentions of following our rules.

However, breaking the rules written for the community spaces of Etsy in no way expedites the handling of any given case, and simply presents a new issue based out of the same situation. None of us want to see those who break rules on Etsy continue to do so, and intractable cases are handled appropriately.

We think it speaks volumes about seller frustration towards the apparent free reign of resellers - especially on the weekend reseller-free-for-all.


The Disgruntled One said...

It's amazing how well that worked, folks. Posting resellers' information all over the Etsy Forums seems to work exceptionally well in getting Etsy to close them down. That was a great Labor Day Weekend project!

impetuous said...

Rob White Says:
"breaking the rules written for the community spaces of Etsy in no way expedites the handling of any given case..."

And yet the only time these shops are closed is when someone calls out in the forums and they are closed pretty quickly too. Sometimes I wonder if admin thinks everyone is stupid.

dont taze me bro said...

it is strange how Rob says that that isn't the way yet action was taken ASAP on those shops.

pony-lo said...

i was proud of everyone who fought for this cause.

for real.

incognito said...

The same mass produced shop pops up every weekend and every weekend I will continue to make comments in those type of threads mocking those shit bag resellers.
Then I can read all the goody goodies posts who say it is wrong to call out and will NEVER buy from someone so unprofessional...

ebbandflo said...

was that a carrot or a stick being waved in our direction?

which part of the skinner box am i in now?

Julia said...

I am so glad that that thread was opened.

It is so frekin frustrating to see those idiots open shop, when persons spend hours, and days, trying to make a living at actually creating, anything, with our own 2 hands.

Great blog, kudos to all of you brave women!

notyourbitchbitch said...

It was great, let's do it again...

Rocket said...

I have seen this same tactic work before in the past.

Isn't it amazing that these shops sit around for months and months, flag after flag, only to be removed IMMEDIATELY when someone calls them out in the Forums.

Oh Etsy, just when I think your credibility couldn't get any lower.

etsy = biggest joke ever said...

So, is sag muted now?

wigtime said...

This happened a few weeks ago too, but the admin never revealed herself/himself--just silently eavesdropped and one by one (with a few exceptions), as sellers were called out, the shops were closed.

So unlike flagging, where we get no results and have no incentive, calling out works!

kissme said...

That thread was like watching a masochistic raping of Etsy's wallet.

*kisses to Rob*


Let's do it again next weekend, eh? Same channel. Same time.

Dolt Patrol said...

Screw you, Rob White. Is your hat too tight? Is it constricting your brain waves?


You want to be helpful? Tell your coworkers to do their damn jobs.

godot said...

Sag won't be muted for a day or two, and then she'll get a form letter.

Well, Rob White if that didn't expidite the closing of the resellers, tell me what did it then. Flagging sure doesn't do anything.

baffled said...

Here's the thing.

Everyone seems to think etsy is making money off the resellers. I'll bet they don't make a dime.

Remember, you don't pay your fees but once a month.

It's easy enough to open a shop with a credit card bought from any gas station. You can put $5 on one, and look, a new account!

They never know your name, address, etc because you can put whatever you want in there.

I highly doubt etsy gets paid once a month.

The Cranky One said...

Just think, they would actually be able to collect on those oustanding bills from shut down sellers if they had ever managed to get auto billing working.

I wonder if they do ANY kind of collections. I mean you set u a store, sell a bunch of shit, and cose up shop. Does Etsy come after you? Do they email or call asking for payment. I think I know that answer.

eclipse said...

Rob says calling out doesn't expedite the process but the results speak louder than words. It obviously does work because the shops were shut down in less than an hour. As long as it works I think people will keep doing it, even at the risk of muting.

my2cents said...

kudos to Sag!

Next time, to get more impact, maybe the OP could have a whole list of shop links.

Do a mass call-out on the first page.

notevenclose said...

That thread was like watching a masochistic raping of Etsy's wallet.


Right. Because those two things are really comparable.

rape =/= finances or the 'taking back' thereof.

Really, think of another comparison. There are plenty of ways you could've gotten your point across without equating 'masochistic rape' (what does that even mean?) to withholding a few bucks from a company.

The Funny One said...

Ya ha doItpatrol!
But, please, RW--don't tell your coworkers to do their jobs, because Etsy will hire 10 more people and pay them to "police" the site after the fact. Automate the fucking process and set threshholds for # of flags. CL does it worldwide, for god's sake, and it works.

Or better yet, pre-screen any new store that wants to set up.
Or charge them a hefty set-up fee.

And keep "calling out" resellers in the forums, because, what the hell is Etsy going to do? Mute sellers by the hundreds?

Call 'em out and call 'em out often.

theoriginalwtf said...

RobWhite is a tool.

Anonymous said...

I think it great how something finally happened on etsy. I flagged a store several times and it still exists, it was actually bragging that it was to clean out the seller's closet. Lord.

Caroline said...

Like I said in the thread, I have no problem with calling out resellers. Go ahead, call me a rebel. :-P

Caroline said...

I just realized I don't think I commented in that particular thread. There were so many threads going! And it worked. They were gone almost instantly once they were called out. :-)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I actually agree with baffled -- I don't think Etsy is making tons of money off the really obvious resellers. They've got a couple of pet resellers (some of them in the Brooklyn area) that they seem loathe to let go, but they really can't be making money off the trash we're seeing lately.

And I do think Etsy Admin are working harder at shutting down resellers. They shut down a LOT of them this weekend. Clearly Admin were actually working :)

But the calling out of resellers does seem to "expedite" it. Hooray for calling out!

SelfRighteousHarpy said...

heh -- I emailed Rob with all the specifics, including all the websites they bought from ("blogs", in asian parlance) when he shut down that thread and I couldn't post about shill feedback. I also sent him the shill feedback and links to the shill "buyers" on two of the resellers. So now, even the shill feedback givers, including one that might have had 2 legitimate sales, are all gone. That was SIX accounts.

Those sellers were already on the "flag" radar, but perhaps the calling-out thread, and our responses, did indeed hasten the close-down.

BrazilianWax said...

Reseller was on the front page this weekend:

I've seen the same crap here in Miami.

BrazilianWaxMyAss said...

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PamperingBeki said...

This is not related to this post, but the entire etsy site is down right now. Lovely.

maybe said...

God forbid one of the investors or potential new owners should see all that mass produced crap linkage on the forums.

Better quick get rid of those shops.

Call out, brothers and sisters, call out!

interloper said...

I vote this is done EVERY Friday night!

Aja said...

Wow. It took them forever to mute me.

Apparently I've got 7 days.

I'm writing my reply right now to their email to me letting me know I'm kicked from the forums for the next week.

In a way this is good. I can't imagine how much work I am going to get done without the forums being a distraction. Probably is the break I need to get the hell away from it all. Too much bullshit.

See ya in a week. Maybe.


Grace said...

Kudos to Aja!

I just wish that I wasn't already muted for life. (I got muted for calling out a major reseller who was one of admin's pets.) I'd do it again in a heartbeat!