Friday, July 11, 2008

There is a difference, Etsy

I've been meaning to type this up for a while, I hope you're taking notes.

There is a major definable difference between "hearing" and "listening".

Hearing is just that. You hear it. You don't feel moved to act, or engage. It's passive and one-sided.

Listening is understanding what the other person is saying. It's demonstrating empathy and consideration, it shows that you care about what you are being told. It requires engagement with the person talking and action at the end.

(And before you ask, no, moving your hands in a mock handpuppet jabbering way at the computer screen reading someone's desperate frustrated email or forum post is NOT listening.)


impetuous said...

I hear that!
I am listening....

el-stinko-armpit said...

I do believe that Etsy is its investors and potential investors.

Maria herself stated that she reads the Etsy forums. How much serious consideration are real businesspersons going to give a gaggle of silly girls (regardless of calendar age) squealing about 'I need more hearts' and 'what is the best time to renew/relist'?

Etsy, I am sure, takes the Etsy Bitches seriously and are listening. As one would listen to an opponent. That may not be empathy, but it is respect.

If enough forum denizens grow a spine, stop simpering, and start acting like the customers they are -- demanding service, or they take their credit cards and walk -- Etsy will put their ears on. I'd luv to see this happen.

dontremember said...

When money talks, listening happens. Even at cool, hip, Indie Etsy.

Alorinna said...


Etsy sure listened when I posted the thread about etsy labs and etsy admin being in all the gift guides. I felt the fallout from it for quite a while.

It annoys the hell out of me when I have a VALID complaint about the service *I'm* getting and people attack me for abusing the poor little admins. Give me a few million and I'll damn well get some customer service in place. A week to get a response to a problem? If I waited a week they'd brick wall me and report me to the FBI.

The whole etsy culture is so messed up in general.