Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quotables: The Saga of the Deadline


Today will be your last chance to catch up on old feedback!

Etsy Customer:
OK, it's after midnight Eastern time, and all of my old feedback-to-leave that is 90 days or older have not gone poof?

Good morning!

The Feedback expiration change has not yet gone into effect. We will announce this in the Storque when it's ready to go later today.

The midnight deadline was for the end of the policy grace period only. It was not for the Feedback changes (for Feedback we just said "on July 1"). I realize now that combining these two important reminders has caused some confusion, and I apologize for that.

On the upside, you have a little more time this morning to catch up on old Feedback if you need it. :)



panik said...

oh yeah stella...we were so confused... i'll take this opportunity to thank you for clarifying how WE misread ADMIN'S poorly written reminders over the past week that insinuated the ability to leave feedback for transactions older than 90 days would expire at midnight.
self-righteousness must truly be a prereq for getting a job at etsy.

Jazz Hands said...

um yeah:

Per stellaloella:
Next Monday, June 30, 2008 (at the end of the day, midnight EDT) marks the end of that grace period. Please take some time to review the policies again and make any necessary last-minute changes.

And I'm sorry, who is confused Stella?

Smarty Pants said...

" I realize now that combining these two important reminders has caused some confusion, and I apologize for that."

C'mon, maria, crack the damn whip already!

impetuous said...

We really should cut Etsy some slack here. Remember: People, Process, Product. You can't expect them to fix the feedback like they said they would! That is putting product before people and maybe even process after product making the line up Product, Process, People which may sound completely confusing to us but makes total sense to Etsy.

I wish people would just pay attention and stop confusing the issues here so Etsy can continue working on the product that is in process for the people.

The Incredulous One said...

Wouldn't it be great if the whole world ran on Etsy Time?

You'd never be late for anything.

godot said...

I think I have an etsy concussion from hitting my head on the desk after every admin post.

Yes, it's me. I must be confused.

lurker said...

Just once ---ONCE--- I'd like to see a post by Admin that says:

"Oops. We made a mistake. Sorry about that."

Why is that so damn hard?

Do they have any idea how impressive it would be to see them take responsibility for an error AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES?

The Disgruntled One said...

Matt seems the only one capable of apologizing, lurker.

lurker said...

The Disgruntled One said...

Matt seems the only one capable of apologizing, lurker.

I stand corrected; you are right.

Maybe Matt needs to conduct workshops for Etsy employees.

Repeat after me:
"I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

And then the group can do the equivalent of writing phrases repeatedly on the chalk board --- no cut & paste allowed.

"Now, fellow admins, open a new document on your desktop and practice your forum typing apologies, 50 times.
Ready? Begin.
*I made a mistake, I'm sorry.*"

Matt can teach them; I have faith.

The Kinky One said...


You're paying for that bottle of Advil I need after trying to follow your comment, right?


impetuous said...

No Kinky, I will not pay!

I expect that the people who are part of this process to produce the product necessary to perpetuate the productivity and overall pleasure of the people to pay.

Perplexing people is part of the process the people use to plan for product. OK!

The Kinky One said...

**goes fetal, sucking thumb**

the fluffy one said...

Hey! Stella apologised, so don't knock her. I consider her and Matt the only ones with that seemingly rare ability in all of Etsy. (Maybe Rob W has the ability to apologise as well. He seems like he's a bloke who understands the concept!)

yeah you right said...

this is kind of junk that riles me-
dont give a flip about any nashville hootenany, hammock hijinx or COO manifestos

just do what you say you are going to do and admit it when you screw up etsy!

Alyssa said...

I'd scarcely call that an apology.

yeah you right said...

speaking of deadlines-
has anyone noticed the lack of updated shop policies/profile information for people who have employees. wasnt that adressed in the updates deadlines? and will that ever be enforced? i have a good mind to go get some exchange students to make my stuff if this who shebang doesnt matter anyway.
what's the point of these changes etsy?