Monday, July 14, 2008

Quotables: Promos


That scrolling by the promo section is like walking past an alley full of scary hookers....

But trying to promo a thread there yourself is like being lost in carnie-land.

That's all. Just found it amusing.


jodie nicholson said...

The official title for a promotional hooker is....Promo Ho.
*snaps for pointless promotion*

Simone said...

"Show me your underpants!"

I've always wanted someone to start that as a promo thread. I bet loads of people would reply in earnest!

The Funny One said...
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el-stinko-armpit said...

'Promo ho' really fits what goes on in the forums.

Unfortunately, I am guessing that many will see the title as clever (which it is!) and might use it with pride. Promo Hos, Vixens, Hussies, Bitches. The crafty version of sexist gansta rap? We need some rhymes! Plenty of subject matter in Promotions and Etc yo.

fireandhammers said...

Promo? I just left Etsy tonight. It was the "Invite" button that finally pushed me over the edge. Send an Etsy email to MY hard-won contacts?

Plus, reading the transcript of that chat was dispiriting. Full of management BS (I know that stuff, I can spout it myself thanks). I posted on one of the forums afterwards - where is the mission statement, the business plan for the next five years? Are they scared to tell their sellers? Or doesn't it exist?

The Funny One said...

fireandhammers I am with you.

I thought promo-ho-ing led to promo-ho storque features, and promo-ho Finds, and my promo-ho favorite (always posted in Site Help for some reason)

"I just made my first sale!"

Promo-ho = classfied ads = The Forums = like totally d00d.