Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quotables: The Great Cupcake Controversy of 4th of July Weekend

There can be only one

there's only one person in the whole world who can paint a picture of a cupcake?

I don't think it was a very effective solution, since now there are probably all kinds of people searching for the painting you described and making their own judgements which could lead to hurting other innocent cupcake art sellers' reputations.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
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Ladies Auxilliary said...

I think that's the Forum post genre that annoys me the most.

The I'm-so-original post.

I'm going to start referring to them as "BUT IIIII INVENTED THE CUPCAKE!" posts.

wristeroni said...

SecretLentil is way awesome. This cracked me up.

her quote:

SecretLentil says:
Please respect each other's religious beliefs.

I'm locking this thread.

Oops, I don't work here.

,e,e,e said...

See, SEE what cupcakes have wrought?!?! Maybe next time you'll think before you release them into the etsy world.
What's next, rainbows and unicorns causing economic downfall?

kcroteau said...

I've met SecretLentil. She is indeed one cool lady. :D

lessa said...

The 'I made it first' topic runs in cycles on Etsy. We seem to be in a particularly bad run of them right now.

I really like it when they complain about being copied, and when you look at their items they are selling similar items to hundreds of other retailers off Etsy. Guess its okay to make your own interpretation of an idea/technique as long as you are the first to bring it to Etsy.

eclipse said...

she is not the first person to paint pastry

just bitchy said...

I invented air so y'all best stop breathing or I'm calling my lawyer.

There are more twits per square foot on etsy than anywhere else on the planet.

Le Fleur said...

I missed that as I was with fam all weekend. No wonder someone posted one a few days ago, that I jumped in, asking who they should copy next. It was a joke.

About five people started, and continued, to claim they invented the most redicules things. Like wirewrapping and even the glass and wire itself. I just thought it was funny and never thought anyone made claims like that for real. How naive I am!

impetuous said...

New mantra from the meeting today:
Acquisition > Conversion > Retention

Who is teaching Rokali all of these big boy words?

dontremember said...

It's the "Customer Lifecycle" quoted by all the internet marketing people: Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention.

Some of them throw in a few extra words (you know, if they happen to have them in the cupboard, like Fulfillment or Satisfaction). It's like making cupcakes.

Sort of.

impetuous said...

"Some of them throw in a few extra words (you know, if they happen to have them in the cupboard, like Fulfillment or Satisfaction). It's like making cupcakes.

Sort of.

I want a Fulfillment and Satisfaction cupcake!
I guess they will teach Rokali about that when the next big forum upset breaks out.

yeah you right said...

"Acquisition, Conversion, Retention. "
I didnt get to the meeting so dont know what it is about but if he is only now using those words we're all in big trouble.
what kind of hot indie mess is this- starting an internet company and then reading books about strategy three years later?
where is the transcript from this meeting and is there dillweed convention we can send him to?

eclipse said...


I am SO the boss of you! said...

Someone the same week as the cupcake incident claimed a top seller was copying her swallow design. Came to find out the top seller that she was ragging on was selling the design before her and she was so embarrassed she was trying to have the thread closed by yelling it in the thread posts.

Now I look at her as a complete idiot. The two days later the cupcake thing happened.

WTF is wrong with people? Have they ever heard of something called "research"? Nothing on Etsy is sacred, people shoud realize that by now.

eclipse said...

those swallow necklaces are everywhere on Etsy! second only to octopi, I think. did someone seriously think they were copied?


stace said...

i love cupcakes.

oh wow... i saw that swallow thing. so, she got proven to be the second... huh.

just another reason i say, not to start those threads. it could bite you in the tush.