Friday, July 11, 2008

Quotables: Down Under Edition


My knowledge of Australia:
1. it's dusty
2. you have a weird looking white building
3. vegemite sandwiches...which sound weird but the vegetarian in me thinks it sounds cool, lol
4. you like kahki
5. coral reefs
6. your daytime/nighttime and seasons are messed up ;)
7. I'll never go there because the flight sounds hellish :)

...and Pie's response:
1. Only if we don't clean
2. We have many weird looking buildings. Our architects, like all Australians, drink heavily.
3. It's a rich, salty, yeasty source of vitamin B. I love it. Also good as pretend poo smears on April Fool's Day.
4. Only if you're in the army or wrestle crocodiles
5. Yeah, we have a nice reef...we also do good coffee
6. Christmas in Summer is the best. Who wouldn't want to be singing about walking in a winter wonderland while they wipe sweat from their brow?
7. If you drink enough on the flight and pass out after the movie, the 20+ hours just flies by!

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The Cranky One said...

Aren't all Australian men named Bruce?

jodie nicholson said...

All Australian men are named Steve (Stevo), Bruce (Brooooce), Darren (Dazza) or Shane (Shano)

Simone said...

<3 Pie

I actually know an Australian man called Meredith. And, no, I'm not kidding!

Paula B said...

This is tangentially related to Australian names:

My collegiate polo coach was from Australia, and he would drop the consonants from ends of everyone's names. So Jennifer became "Jennifa", Christopher became "Christofa", etc.

...but he would ALWAYS add an "r" to names ending in a vowel. So my name was always "Pauler". Over the course of three years, this eventually became "Pazzer".

jodie nicholson said...

Oi! Paularrrr, don't make fun of the way we talk 'n stuff. Strewth!

I'm from Melbun and we speak good.

Heather said...

Hey! I was quoted! That's what I get for posting when I should be sleeping. Yeah insomnia! :)

Yes...Australia's always seemed strangely exotic to me...exotic and dusty. When I first got the internets I found chat rooms and went into work the next day beyond the moon I was talking to guys from *Australia* on the computer!!

And men named Bruce are from New Jersey...Bruce Springsteen, my

Peldyn said...

I love it when Pie says my name


She is sexay!