Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We all know that they do it, but I never expected an admin to publicly admit to doctoring the front page.

They constantly tell us that there is no favoritism on the front page, because it's user curated. But how many times in the past has admin simply decided that they can do better than the proles who pay their salaries and make their own front page?

As an amusing bonus, art doll sellers send Stella scurrying off after pointing out that except for two items, none of the other items were intended to be toys.

If they were taking votes for a toy-centric FP, I would have chosen this shop's stuff. Warning: Not safe for work. C'mon, Etsy! Let see some love for the mature item sellers.


impetuous said...

Well, I agree the mature items should have some time in the sun, but I would rather not put glass in my cho-cha. brrrr!

ShrugItOff said...

Ah yes, the glass dildos. Someone I know has one and says they are great because they go in the dishwasher and you can warm them in hot water.

You could probably also hang them from your Christmas tree. "oooooo, sparkly and shiny!"

marie said...

hehe...impetuous said "cho-cha"

I thought my mom was the only one who said that (apparently, if she says the word "vagina" she'll melt, or something)

j. hart photography said...

i saw that thread and thought it was pretty funny. the art dolls people were not happy. i don't blame them.

and regarding the other link: i've "heard" the glass ones can be spectacular. as long as they are made right. glass is also cleaner, more easily cleaned, and lasts longer. if you're worried about breakage of super thick glass then i don't wanna know what you're thinking of doing with it. glass that thick takes a lot of abuse without breaking.

bastet2329 said...

Oh i missed the stella part!

on another "doll" note, RIBWHITE moved my protest etsy post (which was an idea) into ETC. he made a statement which left my head spinning.

the "idea" was to get a freaking art doll category.

he posts on page 9

are-they-serious said...

marie said "(apparently, if she says the word "vagina" she'll melt, or something)"

OMG, that's hilarious.