Wednesday, July 2, 2008

From The Auxiliary Guild: We reject your reality and submit our own

So, in this thread Rokali links this Storque article which allegedly gives EVERY idea that was listed in his "give us your top 3 ideas".

There are approximately 1075 total entries on the "sellers" list in the Storque article and approximately 625 total entries on the "buyers" list. So....where did all the other entries from the thread go? The total for both is roughly 1700. So that would mean that the average poster in that thread posted less than 2 TOTAL ideas. There were way more, so where did they go? Were they not worthy?

Did they get smothered by cupcakes? Inquiring minds want to know!


j. hart photography said...

i can't comment on the post i want to comment on so i'll comment here. (comment regarding the Etsy 5 post).

i'm confused about the Etsy 5.

i get the implication that they still feel threatened. i have ONLY heard that they STILL can't comment fully.

what the hell does that mean?

i know no one is going to read this but i'm pissed. the way it all reads is that the Etsy 5 has been threatened with a law suit if they talk. as Eclipse said.... the silence leads to speculation. i know the half story but no one will tell the FULL story.

this makes me even MORE distrustful of Etsy. i feel no relief at all in hearing this "explanation".

Peldyn said...

no lawsuit, just asked not to talk about it as a condition to Etsy's apology I guess. It is a private matter is Etsy's stand.

now to the topic:

I wonder if they combined ideas that were the same? That may give a smaller number. I know I posted in that thread and I would hope that my ideas were not deleted.

Simone said...

I gather the same thing - that some people suggested the same ideas as others.

However, one of my top three ideas were for Etsy *not* to implement an in house payment system. Unless I'm going blind, it mysteriously didn't make the list. Blah.

michelle said...

on topic, was that the only call for suggestions thread in the past few months? because I responded to one with my wish list as a buyer and seller and my suggestions didn't make it into the official list. I can't even find my post when I search, but I don't have time to scan all those pages individually.

my wants were:
images in shop rss feeds (duh!)
color picker to set hotspot for listed items, because otherwise the color palette thing is a broken way to search.

The Righteous One said...

j.hart - Etsy's always had that stand on not publicly discussing anything.

I don't like it either.

Now about the ideas - I'm sure some were better than others ;)