Monday, June 9, 2008

So on top of things

Etsy has made a few changes around the site, including clickable links to other Etsy shops and street team addresses in the shop announcements. Nice. A little picky, but ok.

There is also now a link to Etsy newsletters at the top right of the main forums page. Nice…now the 1% who read the forums and get the news there first will have it a week later in their inbox.

Now I’d like to know what the other 59 Etsy employees have been doing. Oh wait, I know. Promoting their favorite shops.

From today’s Etsy Finds:

“These sweet little creations are the next big thing. Seen around Etsy a bunch last week, I predict an upcoming explosion of interest in” x's shop.

Well duh! Of course they’re going to “explode”. They’re being promoted all “around Etsy a bunch”. Aren’t the Finds supposed to highlight the 'unseen but now found' items on Etsy?

Ok…now I’d really like to know what the other 58 Etsy employees are doing. It’s obviously not fixing view counts, fully integrating Paypal, integrating Google checkout and Google Base, taking customer service classes, investigating flagging reports, or promoting their site and brand.

*claps* Another day another dollar! Way to get things done! I can’t wait to see what awesome things this week brings! Free goldfish crackers for the most kiss-assiest Etsian? Maybe another article on moustaches? Even better, maybe, just maybe, more pictures of a certain admin’s kid delivered to my inbox because for some reason they are so totally complementary to highlighting items. Hell, let’s just ditch the fa├žade and start calling them 'An Excuse To Go Through Pics Of Her Kid At Work'. That would even be a whole Storque article! Sellers are always asking to know about changes, right? It counts as news! Why not? Wow! Sounds like Etsy has a rough and busy week ahead.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them. Afterall, it’s not like I pay them to get things done. Oh…wait…I do! If it wasn’t for all the time, energy, and money I’ve put into Etsy while they sit on their asses collecting, I wouldn’t be so bitchy.


shannon said...

;_; People send the admins pie in dry ice

lessa said...

A job at Etsy has to be one of the best gigs out there. Get paid to goof off.

I am sure a few do work really hard, but I just don't see the evidence of a 60 person staff. Apparently areas that need staff don't have it while others are bloated and have nothing to do.

It just boggles the mind.

Hussy said...

you summed it up rather nicely.

I want to party at the labs all day and get paid to play and promote my friends shops.

dis little piggy said...

How much are the admins paid, roughly? Anybody know?

It's none of my business but I'm curious.

PG said...

I shouldn't laugh, and yet I am! :))

Great post.

appalled! said...


!! omfg, WJW. I goof off plenty at work, but I *do* have sense enough to be discreet about it. And I SURE wouldn't go boasting about it in the fora!! There are so many examples of this, (anyone for Guitar Hero?) but this is the most alarming I've seen. It's really perplexing! How can they not know that stuff is inappropriate?!

And yeah, the baby pictures... I enjoy looking at them because I think Anda's baby is SO cute, but yeah, completely unprofessional, not to mention irrelevant. Better I should just look at her Flickr account, n'est-ce pas?

> How much are the admins paid, roughly? Anybody know?<

I can't begin to guess, but living in NY is hell of expensive - I'd wager they a) are on salaries and b) make considerably more than I do!

impetuous said...

these are the fools telling people to quit their day jobs? nice.

Suki said...

Bravo! ~ this is a great post. I'm just as perplexed when I receive an e-mail with a picture of someone's baby on it that I don't even know - much less care about - besides the fact that it has nothing what-so-ever to do with "etsy finds".

And that pie thing is really flooring me, wow. Just wow.