Monday, June 9, 2008

Quotable Quotes: Copy Rights

This was simply a fascinating trainwreck:

"Maybe there should be different drop downs for Etsy stores in addition to the handmade, supplies, and vintage:

My Idea and Only My Idea no one else has ever, ever thought of it in the whole wide world, ever!

My Idea, Patent Pending, try it and I will get you!

My Idea, Copyright or trademarked or patented! All info.
included in listing so there is no questions ever and you can't even think about it!

My Idea, so don't you steal it even though I have done none of the above

My Idea so don't even think about it just because!"


The Righteous One said...

Those options are funny, but they should include "This wasn't my idea. Shhh don't tell noone while I go tell everyone in the forums."

dis little piggy said...

The Scrabble Wars make me laugh, especially because I can remember making jewelry from old game pieces at GS summer camp during the 1980's, Scrabble tiles included.

I SHOULD SUE SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Malevolent One said...

I've often wondered what Hasbro Inc. would think of all these people fighting to appropriate their trademarked product in order to sell bits of paper glued to bits of wood.

Forum Rubbernecker said...

I don't even LIKE Scrabble Tile Pendants, so there! Does that make me a bad and evil Etsian? I like real jewelry for grownups! Although, I must say that the drama is rather dramatic..... LOL But we do all know who came first on Etsy, so personally, I think people ought have a little respect, you know? No wonder she left the business!

impetuous said...

This is all Etsy's fault. I don't know how yet, but it has Etsyboner written all over it.

crabby said...

It drives me nuts when people start the "munching popcorn" posts in these threads. As if the thread itself wasn't annoying enough.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

**munching popcorn**

(Just kidding crabby...sorry...)

Ladies Auxilliary said...

I just don't understand why people don't realize they sound completely nuts in some of these Forum we need a big spotlight? Oh wait, we have one, it's called Etsybitch ;)

The Kinky One said...

Hey Lady Aux,

Pass some popcorn this way....

could. not. resist.

crabby said...

I'd definitely prefer to munch nachos.

impetuous said...

what is with the grunting?

gah, eh, feh, all very annoying lately! maybe they are choking on their popcorn.

spacey said...

Are there original ideas on etsy? yes.

Do those ideas have unoriginal supplies and techniques? yes.

Do those people, that take those same techniques and crafts and make them totally their own, by way of design, stand out on etsy? ummmm, I think. yes. for the most part.

Are they in the forum crying over being copied? Nope.

And sometimes, you can become popular for an overused craft that everyone was doing before you, will do after you, but just didn't beat you to etsy.