Monday, June 16, 2008

Quotable Quotes: Thread Assessment

I know this is last week's trainwreck - but (in case you missed it) this post is funny as hell.

"Category: Train wreck

Starting point: hypocrisy

High point: reference to past similar threads

Low Point: Menstrual reference

Point at which it left the tracks: Page 2, LaPella's post

Point at which silliness stepped in: When ninja pigs were produced

Appeals to rational behavior: Scattered, but ignored

all in all, a great one to bookmark for later."


aretheyserious said...

I have a love/hate relationship with anything BeaG posts. I hate her basic I am better than you and I can do what I want attitude.

But I love the way her rudeness and hypocrisy always provide some comic relief.

impetuous said...

I don't find anything funny about her.

did I mention etsy angels suck hairy balls?

I am SO the boss of you said...

You gotta give it to her, she does tell it like it is whether she's wrong or not. lol
She must have SERIOUS thick skin because everyone on Etsy including the toothless, hairless wench in the back had a go at her.