Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quotable Quotes: Summer Camp!

Time for arts & crafts!

" It's summertime. Time for camp and crafts.

Tech stuff is School & Difficult & Un-fun. Crafts & glue & glitter & singing around campfires & field trips are fun.

I swear I feel like I'm at Girl Scout Camp sometimes in this place. Etsy, please tend to business. It's really getting quite foolish in here."


Cover That Mother said...

When I saw that quote in that thread, I knew it would make its way to this blog.

It sums up my feelings, too.

MajorFuckingEtsyBurnout said...

Oy, and playtime with swimmy has been canceled as the head counselor took the swimmys home to play with all by his lonesome?

Love the magicjelly quote:

furkey said...

Don't you just love how Etsy will add a site update that probably took all of 5 minutes and then treat it like it's gold.

The printable invoices are nothing more than a link that takes you to a page with a different style sheet.

How about an extra 10 minutes to style that printer friendly version a little better so it doesn't look like shit when I print it for people who ordered 10 things from my shop today.

True story. When I went to print her invoice, it looked like shit.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Even Girl Scout camp has rules, expectations and consistency. And consequences when people act like jerk offs and don't honor their obligations to the camp community.

Snark is Fun said...

ooh, love this comment and here is another good one.

Respectfully, after watching the gift guide debacle and the supplies/vintage/search debacle and now this, I feel like I'm watching kids running a lemonade stand with their rich grandma's inheritance

SewCrazyDogLady said...

oh same thread! this comment

"the fact of the matter, as a seller, is not whether you make something that is easily knocked off, but that you are in bed with someone who is not only charging you to be there, but walking into the next room and giving your secret blow job technique to your younger sister who will soon be practicing her very own version of it. I think/hope you get the analogy. If you don't I'll spell it out more clearly. Are we paying a pimp?"

idyll hands said...

Oh wow - there are some great comments throughout the pages of that thread.

What a nice treat to be able to read. It's far better than any movie I could have watched today.

The Kinky One said...

Some threads are worth quoting the entire thing. But that would be one hell of a long post.

Peldyn said...

Some threads you just need to print up into a book and settle down with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of cocoa!