Friday, June 20, 2008

Quotable Quotes: Communication Breakdown

Below is a brilliant representation of the "joys" of communication with Etsy Admin.

"Members: We non-US sellers would really appreciated it being noted that the site is in USD. Thank you.

Etsy: Sure, we'll get right onto that.

Members: Umm, it's been a few months now, still no USD. Any update?

Etsy: Sure, we'll get right onto that.

Members: It's like a year now and still no USD. Do you realise that quite a few countries deal in Dollars, so it is confusing for our buyers and some sellers are losing money as a result. There are also legal implications.

Etsy: Sure, we'll get right onto that.


Etsy: It's actually really really tricky and our engineers already have awesome projects in the works, so we can't help at this time.

: Are you for real? You string us along for like 18 months, tell us it's important to you and that it will be done. Now it's too hard??? WTF?

Etsy: *quickly slaps together a tiny USD that appears in only one place*
Well looky what you peeps got! USD before your money! Please, praise us. Send dried ice, now!

Is it any wonder people are tearing their hair out?"


MajorFuckingEtsyBurnout said...

And I think it's important to note that it happened only after a HUGE and ongoing stink in the forums and tons of people changing their avatars to read "USD".

I wonder how many people were muted during that debacle?

It's always the squeaky wheel that gets the oil on Etsy......This is the only reason the lampworkers' issue was taken care of as well.

So, those who say sites like this are "just bitching" are wrong. BITCHING often and LOUDLY is the only way things ever seem to change or improve minutely on Etsy...when they are finally shamed & too embarassed not to comply.

So, bitch away!

jodie nicholson said...

Holy frick, I have been quoted by the Bitches!

The USD thing blew my mind, it was such a big thing for non-US sellers who also deal in 'dollar' currency, legally and financially.

We had plenty of people tell us to STFU because it wasn't important and even plenty of numbnuts who thought that America was the only country in the world to deal in 'dollar' (pull your head out of your arse, people!).

What so many on Etsy fail to realise is that if people are fighting for something, even if they can't see why, there's probably a very good reason behind it.

Etsy says they listen but they are all talk. Jumbled, inconsistent talk. If you want/need change on Etsy, you have to nag. It's that simple.

Andy Mathis said...

Are ya'll offering "I'm an Etsy Bitch" tshirts yet?

I have christmas presents to buy. . .

marie said...

oohh...tshirts would be nice. I wonder if you can setup an etsy bitch etsy shop??

Wende said...

Don't you DARE sell your etsy-bitch t-shirts on etsy. NO WAY.

Get yourself a nice little paypal widget and sell them on THIS site.

more money for you.

Ahem. I mean: I don't think that's a good idea, why give them fees.

There... I'm

(Oh, and the USD thing was appalling.)

Ben Can Dance Creations said...

Ah, but if they sell merchandise then we will know who they are through Paypal! Can't be anonymous in Paypal. :P

tofurkey said...

TAG FRACTAL!!! God! Are you people never happy!? Etsy gave us a tag fractal, and they let us sell on their site for a fee. And a percentage of our sales, and, and... TAG FRACTAL!!!


I can't believe the things that take priority on Etsy some times.

Sometimes I wonder if the "programmers" at Etsy Labs might possibly be so new to flash that they can't help but to make a hundred flash apps that we don't need just to DO IT.

*cough* *cough*

Simone said...

I've seen the USD thing appearing in a couple of new places recently - hooray! - but it's a long way from being properly sorted out.

And the initial fix that was done was absolutely insane. Instead of just putting the text in to the HTML (which would take mere seconds to type in and upload), they made it an *image*! Yep, that teensy, weensy bit of text has been typed into an image file, saved, the saved file has been uploaded and an image tag put into the HTML which has also been uploaded. Putting text into images on the web when not purely for branding reasons is a big no-no. So either they did it this way to make it seem like more work than it really should have been or they actually didn't know how to do it the proper way!

Anyway, as much as it was great to see it addressed - even if in this crazy way - it was supremely frustrating to have to wait so long for such a small but obviously desperately needed fix and to be told how difficult it was to find the time to do it when many of us know full well what a tiny amount of work would be involved in making the change.

Smarty Pants said...

Again, it's poor customer service at it's finest. The customer needs something that takes minutes to complete and yet the customer has to sit and wait, complain and whine for 18 months to get it? Huh?
I work in customer service for a small web company that sells Jeep sutff(clothing, accessories...all lame to me). If I ever left a customer hanging like that I would lose my job...and I wouldn't blam my boss one bit.
You don't get rewarded with customers when you treat them like crap. There's too much competition. Thing is, where's Etsy's competition? WHy isn't someone stepping up to the plate so we can really put our collective feet down and fly the coop?

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Some people on the Etsy Fora who are currently criticizing the more critial among us really need a history lesson.

Pie's post perfectly and concisely summed up the true history of the USD debacle, and encapsulates why Etsians need to be vigilant and vocal about important site changes.

I'm really glad to see Etsy Bitch pick up on this one.

The only thing I'd add to the historical record was that it was Matt, who in one evening caused the USD graphic to be added and removed all Admin stores' items from the Gift Guides.

After MONTHS of protest, he just made it all happen.

jodie nicholson said...

DM, Matt seems to be the only person at Etsy who can make decent things happen.

Matt, please see what you can do about getting a great customer service team and experienced CS leader. It would make a huge difference, it really would.

Peldyn said...

I agree that Matt seems to be the only one who seems to have half a clue. I think they have him shackled most of the time.