Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mmm, pie.

A seller sent Etsy pies. PIES, plural. Packed in dry ice no less. Of course they come in to the forums looking for ideas for fun things their geek selves can do with the dry ice. At the office. What are they 12?

I don't know why we even try to ask for them to behave like adults and responsible service owners. Why should we expect them to do something to fix well... anything when there is pie and dry ice in the office? I mean, that's crazy talk!

I suppose it's just a good thing no one sent helium balloons and pixie sticks. God only knows what kind of trouble the site would get into with them hopped up on a sugar bender and making videos with silly squeaky voices.

(Okay, Correction, this is a year old thread that was just recently bumped and I didn't notice it until just a minute ago. Crap, it's old news, but it does show a long term problem with focusing on work - at work.)


lessa said...

Don't feel so bad. As you said, last year it was goofing off with dry ice for a couple days and this year its guitar hero.

27 said...

zombie threads will eat your brainz!

impetuous said...

this thread is both relevant and useful.

Jenny said...

*shakes head in disgust*

dis little piggy said...

Apparently after they ate pie, they played shuffleboard.

Anda still misses it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Righteous One said...

Sorry Anonymous, but we require you choose a name when commenting. It prevents confusion when we all start getting ranty and bitchy (signing posts doesn't help).

You can use a number, a cussword, slang, your real name, your porn name, or an animal...but you have to call yourself something.

Lucy said...

Thanks for posting this, even if it is old!
I finally understand what I need to do to become a front page seller.

Anyone spare some dry ice?

BoroBabe1020 said...

I think there's more of a problem with favoritism than there is with Etsy not working on what they should. I can't even believe that an Admin would come onto the forums and even in jest post that they liked one buyer better than another -- or even publically acknowledged getting stuff from sellers.