Monday, June 16, 2008

And The Award Goes To...

Friday in the EtsyLabs Lounge Robwhite held his normal "office hours". It just so happened to occur smack dab at the peak of the 'Etsy editing transaction pages scandal'.

Everyone wanted answers, and they wanted them yesterday. Rob had not much to say. Luckily Rob is well liked by all, it could have been much much worse. If Rokali had been there it would have swiftly spiraled into a clusterfuck.

Many of the lampworkers who were part of the site that broke this scandal were there to demand answers in very polite ways, and yet Robwhite was in there alone. ALONE in the face of a major public relations blunder so huge it's been on at least a dozen websites. So big it's taken over most of the forums in various ways and has resulted in scenting the Etsy air with general surly revolty yumminess. (Have you noticed how deliciously bitchy the forums are the last few days?)

There were no other Etsy staff in with Robwhite to face down the growling, seething crowd. They sacrificed him as if tossing a lamb into the shark tank. They left him hanging in the wind while they made dry ice mustaches, and still Rob was friendly and trying his best to keep up and try to at least deal with everyone. His one hour turning to over three and forgoing food and drink to try to answer things the best he could in the typically Etsy non-committal way. That's not his fault. He did what he could.

His hands were tied, because let's face it, Etsy doesn't KNOW what it did that was so wrong, and they don't get why the whole scandal was so scandalous. They don't get why anyone was even upset so they have no answers to give on what they will do to prevent it from happening again.

We felt sorry for Robwhite being abandoned by his coworkers and slugging it through all the same like the trooper he is. So much so we decided our he'd be the first, and likely the only Etsy Admin, to receive....

The EtsyBitch Award For Valor!

As is his right as a member of the order, he may style himself as a "Knight of the Bitch" and may bear any of these avatars we have prepared to represent his status:

Photobucket or overlay this star to his avatar or account banner... Photobucket

Congrats Robwhite! We really honestly do appreciate all you do, or try to do. We know they are idiots.

We plan on issuing more EB Awards For Valor in the coming weeks to those in the forums committing acts of sense and surliness. So get out there and ask questions they don't want to answer, smack down the smackdownable, and most importantly... get bitchy about Etsy!


spetsy said...

They can't be paying that guy enough, poor sap.

Paw & Claw Designs said...

Poor RobWhite!

working for etsy MUST have SOME amazing benefits.

Or pie.

Wait, I think they got pie BEFORE RobWhite worked there.

It used to be a dream of mine to work for etsy, now it sounds like it would be a employment nightmare.

I can just imagine the meetings, and like any "evil" corporate PR job, the big gods tell the underlings they hired to handle the messes "ignore those angry one's, they'll get tired and go away eventually." :(

thanks etsyBitch, for not getting tired ;)

Hook It Up! Jewelry said...

Aww, now it wasn't quite like that. No admins were hurt in the implementation of this planned Q&A session. ;)

I have found that sometimes, we have our best conversations when we are moderating ourselves :)

impetuous said...

Congratulations Rob! You deserve it!

just bitchy said...

robwhite is professional and empathetic and thoughtful and kind.

He's a gem and they are lucky to have him.

I hope he doesn't burn out.

Everyone who works for etsy could take a lesson (or two or 2,000) from robwhite and stella and matt.

The Incredulous One said...

RobWhite has my sympathy.

Honestly, it's quite difficult to understand who among Etsy admins does or knows what. How often do you read a forum thread in which admins contradict each other, or in which someone asks a question based on a confusing answer that came from the anonymous personnel at support/abuse/community @ etsy and another admin answers the question in a completely different way?

Not only do they not communicate with us - it appears that they don't really communicate with each other.

RobWhite, Stella and Matt seem to be the ones who end up cleaning up their colleagues' messes far too often.

TheSneakyOne said...

Anon @ 1102am, please familiarize yourself with the blurb above the comment box before posting. We WILL delete ALL anon comments.

Andy Mathis said...

Kudos to the guy-

I would have said, "my hour is up, I'm done, see you Monday, . . . " and turn off the webcam.

Someone, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they were watching the movie "Batchelor Party" with Tom Hanks over the weekend and couldn't help but think that must be what it's like to work for Etsy at the Etsylabs. lol.

The Cranky One said...

That poor guy.

He really deserves better bosses.

dis little piggy said...

Some things are more important than running a business.

aretheyserious said...

"He's a gem and they are lucky to have him."

I agree, I secretly love RobWhite.

impetuous said...

I am glad I could help get Rob to his gig with my 20 cents of blood sweat and tears.

TheSneakyOne said...

Impetuous, you do realize that RobWhite telecommutes from North Carolina to do his job, right?

impetuous said...

This Rob, this gig.

Foxglove Studios said...

TheSneakyOne said...
Impetuous, you do realize that RobWhite telecommutes from North Carolina to do his job, right?

So he doesn't have to pay $4+/gallon of gas? That's a hell of a perk right there. I might even be willing to put up with the shit he does if I could telecommute!

Anyway, the award is nicely done, Bitches. :)

Could you make a little EB overlay for those of us who adore you but want to keep our usual avatar? That would be sweet.

aretheyserious said...

Who is he married to?

I know I read he's married to an etsy seller.

TheSneakyOne said...

From the new avatar thread I just read, it looks like he's married to Xiane?

The Righteous One said...

There's a lot of interconnection at Etsy. I'm pretty sure Sneaky is right.

dis little piggy said...

Yes, that's his wife, poor thing.

I say "poor thing" because I sure wouldn't want to be married to a man who is sleeping with Etsy on the side.

Would you?

Hook It Up! Jewelry said...

I am not sure if he read it or not, but I sent Rob a thank you after he closed the thread. I thought he was professional while remaining open to our opinions. We need more of that :)

Paw & Claw Designs said...

Rob is indeed married to xtian.

their twitter banter is adorable ;)

aretheyserious said...

"I say "poor thing" because I sure wouldn't want to be married to a man who is sleeping with Etsy on the side"

RobWhite is sleeping with me on the side, ;)

dis little piggy said...

I hate to type it but LMAO!

spetsy said...

I'm sure his wife would never use his position for her own benefit.

I'm positive she'd never do anything like, oh, monopolize the gift guides, and never be an admin spy either.

Lucky guy, that Rob

Julie said...

What Etsy Scandal?