Sunday, May 25, 2008

The EB Calling-Out Policy

Our newly faithful readers have been sending us future 'bitchfodder'. Thanks!!!

A few folks have sent us Etsy sellers to bitch about that are new international retailers with factories and dozen of retail outlets in five countries, and multiple websites. Handmade? Oh hell no. But that doesn't stop them.

I thought I'd like to take the opportunity to express exactly what our policy will be for 'calling out' sellers.

At this time we're not going to call out these instances. It's a fine line so we've decided that we'll keep an eye on them and not pick on them specifically (since it's obvious Etsy doesn't give a tinkers if sellers actually are handmade by not acting on flags or reports). But should that factory shop make be made a featured seller... the gloves come off since Etsy has a noticeable habit of making some incredibly poor featured seller choices, often letting them trade a place in the choir for a favored place on the front page. We hate that as much as you do. We're not gonna stay quiet on that.

We might reverse ourselves later, but for the immediate future sellers will not be attacked individually for merely selling -- unless they do something brilliantly stupid in the forums. Since Etsy doesn't approve/jury sellers to sell on it's site. It's an blind automated process, and since there is a flagging system we have to give Etsy a chance to fail before attacking them for not enforcing it. It's more fair than they deserve.

Don't worry though, Admin are another issue, we'll continue snarking on them until our fingers bleed! Yeehaw!

Keep sending us in stores that violate the Etsy TOS - we're keeping a list!
We'll be also more than happy to help you and gang-flag them in the meantime!

Feel free to comment, we unlike Etsy, want to know what you think!


The Disgruntled One said...

I think this is a very good policy on sellers. Keeps it all clear.

Albina Rose said...

I hope that if the policy changes to call out "bad" sellers, there would also be a policy of doing some serious research providing factual info, before blasting them on this blog. I've seen too many public accusations made in the Etsy forums that turned out there was more to the situation than meets the eye. Even when it seemed obvious. But too late, the damage was already done.

The Righteous One said...

Absolutely albina rose, we're all hesitant to make mistakes and injure innocent shops and people.

The incident of a rubber furniture distributor comes to mind, which would have qualified since they admitted to inquiring buyers that they don't make the furniture themselves and couldn't guarantee the condition or exact style of the item.

But in the absence of the admission there is a question as to the situation, which would make me and the others certainly pause.