Friday, April 22, 2011

Swimmies: An Etsy Epic

Etsy oldtimers can share with you stories of the good ol' days. When there were discussions about an Etsy Constitution or earlier with the scary, buggy times with V2. Back in early 2008, when many a newbie, fresh from the Ebay Mass Exodus or from the Martha Stewart Show that featured Etsy - they were greeted with a fairy tale read by Rokali.

Hopeful Etsyians sent in Swimmies by the envelope-full. Enough Swimmies to fill a wall.
Many little fishes I

Recently, the Swimmies escaped. If you have been following FakeRokali, you already know this. What you may not yet know is that the Swimmies have a marvelous Tumblr.

In case you've lost count, here's the FakeEtsy Universe* on Twitter:


*As much as we would have loved to come up with this, EB doesn't have a darn thing to do with the FakeEtsy Universe. Kudos to whoever you are :)


Anonymous said...

I have the feeling that long after Etsy dies, there will be legends. Sort of like how the King once ruled but then went mad.

Discord Threads said...

I LOVE the Swimmies of Doom!

jewelstreet said...

I love the alternate Etsy universe! xoxoxoxoxox

oh well said...

I miss those good ol days when I really thought Etsy was something wonderful. Although, I promise, I did not send in a swimmie. Or Pie.

wendyv said...

All we need now is a fake Bre Petis for comprehensive failure nostalgia.

Blue Kitty Miniatures said...

I love the Swimmies of Doom and the Fakes so much I am thinking I might get a Twitter account.

Whoever you are - thank you.

- So long and thanks for all the fish.

boiling over said...

I know the reason for the " Etsy favs" now.
The "EYE" only see the Swimmies that are around it. The rest of the Swimmies are struggling to catch up with the merciless "EYE".
( Most of them are dead now )
My Swimmie is rotting already!!

Seinfeld said...

I wonder how many of the people who originally sent in Swimmies are still active on Etsy. I wonder how many of those who are still active still actively promote the concept of Etsy and would still readily send Etsy pie or goodies.

Jewelry On The Rocks said...

Just out of curiosity, any news about Panda from the Etsy admins?

Seven Swirly Seabats said...

That Swimmy crap sure was deplorable. I can't believe so many people ate it up - I guess there were a lot of people still in the 'liking Etsy, don't know Kalin well yet' stage.

Myself, I'd already been seeing what evil pricks they were and the whole idea of this conniving little arrogant twat reading a children's book to us.

The scene: A spastic, manipulative dork addressing an audience of his customers, people who are, on average, older, wiser and more mature than he is, by reading a children's book. He places himself as the star of this book, and implores us to join him in destroying Wal-Mart and saving the universe - when really, his customers were, on average, hoping for him to be working on the mechanics of how we can actually sell on Etsy. Down to Earth stuff like like making selling on the site less tedious, making shopping on the site less ridiculous, and stopping his employees from being insulting, treacherous prima donnas would have been helpful at that time.

Instead we got this grandstanding, fake feeling pie-in-the-sky bullshit.

As for the 'Fake' Etsy people, you're giving these Etsy people way too much credit and attention by bothering to make up stories about them. Time to move on. They're not worth thinking about this much.

doodypops said...

I lobe the swimmies! i chooser to believe they are real fishies! *lalala i can't hear you!*

and with advent of now disabling clickable links on etsy, it has shown itself for what it is- a vast data mining sleight of hand.

Jewelry On The Rocks said...

Clickable links were never allowed on Etsy as far as I know. They're not allowed in ArtFire listings either, it's a security risk. Hope that helps.

eclipse said...

clickable links have always been allowed in the etsy forums, and then were still allowed when forums switched to teams.
it only stopped working today.

LOL the captcha for this post is "mutive'

Seinfeld said...

Clickable links WERE allowed on Etsy. In the forums since the very beginning, and then later on teams.

Jewelry On The Rocks said...

Yes, I found out, I was unaware of the new circumstances. Sorry.