Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping Things Professional, Mature & Classy at Etsy!

Yes, this is two days what? It's still worthy of a post, and I guess it's high time I showed my face here again.

Of course, comments on the blog article linked below have now been disabled because they don't like the non-cupcake responses that started flooding in. OH, the irony, oh the hypocrisy! "Do as I say, not as I do" at it's best! They don't like being told how unprofessional they are, and this was absolutely done in poor taste. Is this how you like to see your money spent? Because if you're still paying Etsy fees, then your money is going towards stuff like this.

I'll ever bet that several shops will be closed once again ("accidentally" of course!) as a result of the comments made, but the article itself will not be removed no matter how many people make the request, no matter how many take offense. I've done neither, as I no longer sell on Etsy and I'm not a prude, but I certainly think this was incredibly inappropriate for a place of business.

Methinks those editors need some serious supervision.

Giving Etsy my sincerest one finger salute once again!

Etsy Dorque article suggests "Herpes" and "R U GAY?" conversation hearts.

Forum Post - "Would you write an article for your shop discussing masturbation & herpes? - Etsy did!"


Jewelry on the Rocks said...

You're exactly right, when you pay Etsy, this is what you're paying for. It's most of why I left.

The Funny One said...

Since Etsy has already proved it has no ethics (or taste or biz/PR sense) from A to Z, what troubles me more is the narcissistic babblings of the writer, whose immersion in her celebrity soaked environment is so perfectly matched with Etsy's massive arrogance that she was invited to share her ridiculous musings on the supefluous and irritating Dorque.

It's this attitude that encourages Admins to believe that "circles" and "100% forum censorship" is an acceptable form of "social engineering" that justifies their aggressive tactics to shove even more distasteful shit down the throats of their shoppers AND sellers at a frighteningly accelerated rate.

If anyone thinks Etsy isn't into subliminal advertising, just read all the links this puffed up writer includes, it's a regular Barf-a-thon. Oh, total yuk.

Unatron said...

What about the super tasteful parts in that first part of the conversation heart piece: using the phrases "the alluring ones" "naked communicative effort" "masturbatory dialogue" and (the winner) "drizzled their come-ons into your envelope" when REFERRING TO GRADE-SCHOOL CHILDREN.

Anonymous said...

I love the comments:

"Conversation hearts are the new coral."


Anonymous said...

Ahh they should have had RAPE hearts!

Anonymous said...

I think the author's attitude bothered me more. Once you are an adult, do you still need to be bragging you were in gifted in talented? Honestly I'd be MORE likely to fear they would put acid on the candy. GATE kids are the same as everyone else.
She claims isn't not OCD but god it's a bloody piece of candy. False intimacy? WTF
Some people need to relax about their food

Libby said...

I totally agree with Unatron.

I am skeeved by the author, not the little heart candies. Any "masturbatory dialogue" was coming from the author's own delusions and, sickeningly, being projected on to 10 year old boys. It's too bad that the writer never went beyond her GATE status in high school...or maybe she still is in high school. She certainly doesn't know very much about child development. Most 10 year old boys are still very much children.

I would not have that sick chick babysitting my grandkids. The author obviously does not have a clue that what she is saying about kids is coming from her own perverted mind. Anyone who writes about children the way she did has a problem.

sark said...

Julietgo should be fired.
What does she do as an editor?
She OK'd a piece that suggested "R U Gay" is A-OK.

Who are these fucking nobodies quoted in this "article"? I mean they're fucking Nobodies. I don't give a shit about any of these people. And none of these fucking douches have etsy shops.

So, what now? Am I supposed to give a shit about Nobody bloggers on the internet because idiot fuck hipsters can't use that fucking blog correctly?

The point of that blog ought to be to HIGHLIGHT etsy sellers and products made by Etsians. It's all nice and fine to have famous people do "Finds." But otherwise, that blog's ONLY purpose should be promoting shit that is for sale on Etsy.

Every fucking time there is a blog entry that really has NOTHING to do with Etsians or actual products for sale on etsy - there is a fucking problem.

Remember Temple what's-her-face? Anyone?

What a colossal waste of words typed on a fucking screen.

I want to send Julietgo a convo with the title "R U Retarded?"

Or maybe
"Y R U still employed?"

If ever there was a useless employee...

Cheeky McTweaky said...

Oh, the masturbatory drizzling was way, way too much for me. How romantic!

What would Swimmy say about this?

The Funny One said...

Well said, sark!
Etsy is so off the wall these last 18 months that I forgot, along with most shoppers, that there are things for sale on Etsy!
sark reminded me too that we need to watch & see what kind of feedback this author gets on all her linked sites, 'cuz we know she's gonna be tossed to the wolves and what else? Etsy will leave the blog post up and regurgitate another one next month.
Admins love to trash people-they've had 7 years of practice.
Too bad it's always at their own reputations' expense.

Ghetto Brooklyn Mustache said...

Etsy's "experience and skills are so old fashioned!" philosophy permeates the entire company, including their 'super blog'.

Any normal company would have found people who had already distinguished themselves as bloggers or editors. Since Rob Kalin has psychological problems, he thinks that he has to prove that people who didn't hire him to work at a grocery store in 10th grade were WRONG, WRONG. Therefore he will hire anyone for anything, without regard to qualification. And so, you get 'Stella' working on the TOS, some fresh out of college nitwit as their lawyer, a guy from an indie band as their marketing manager, and a whole host of 24 year old idiots doing every other job. It shows.

Wolf said...

You know, I'm extremely glad I no longer sell on Etsy.

At this point, I think I'd rather they went ahead and shut my account down instead of merely sending me a damn 'warniong' email about mispercieved intent in a few comments that got reported 3+ weeks ago.

Libby at Picklevalentine said...

There were a lot of things that bothered me about that article. After organizing my thoughts I came back with this post.

"Just want to pop in here to say that political liberalism should not be confused with amorality, cruelty and classism. I am as liberal as they come, in most ways.

But the article was cruel and classist. In addition the author does not own her words. Instead of using I when she writes about the drizzling, etc, she uses you. Well, this particular you, namely me, never worried about fifth grade stalkers, drizzling come-ons, or anything like that.

As to classism; I wondered if the kids that sent candy hearts could not afford better candy. Yes, poor children can be in Gifted and Talented programs. Not everyone can afford individually wrapped candy. I knew my classmates and was just as happy with Sweethearts as a wrapped chocolate heart. Some of us had more and some of us had less, but I was taught that being poor does not make a person less than.

Author mentions kids she "would not borrow a pencil from..." To me, that sounds snobbish. It also sounds like a mean middle school girl, trying to establish how much better she is than the hoi polloi. Unfortunately, many people haven't grown beyond middle school.

There is nothing edgy about this article. Nothing artistic. Nothing liberal.

What's really edgy and radical is to not be a classist unkind snob. As long as Etsy keeps believing the ranting of middle-school mentality is hip, more of this will happen.

Oh, and, yes, R U Gay juxtaposed next to Herpes is unfortunate and offensive. One of my family members will never shop here again because of that."

I posted this on Page 95 of the thread under my buyer ID, AnnaGreenJewelry. I am appalled to notice that so many defenders didn't even notice the cruelty of the article....even after I pointed it out.

Sensible said...

People, people.

The writers of this series of articles will always be personally informed from a diverse set of sensibilities.

What, you mean that explanation isn't satisfying? Hmm. It's good enough for Etsy to be cutting and pasting it everywhere they can. It must be good because Etsy keeps telling me and each other how they're awesome. Therefore that article was AWESOME and you must be a shrub if you don't like it. Please, show some respect for those who are more hip than you.

Unatron said...

Libby- I practically fell out of my chair applauding at your comment. Well done

headdeskisback said...

I guess you would have to live in Brooklyn and surround yourself with like minded narcissists to understand this piece.

However if you are a citizen of the real world you may be able to see classism and sophomoric (bad) writing and distinguish it from good journalism. This was not hip nor edgy but moral bankruptcy.

Anne Onymous said...

Wow! I just figured out my new top-secret business plan!

1) Mustaches are just so 2010! My plan calls for designing and printing, umm, let's call them "triangular patches" and placing them on little sticks. Instead of pointing your stick UP, you would point it DOWN.
2) I'm going to do a whole bunch of them in washed-out beige, mint green, 30% gray, and baby-poop yellow. I can do a variety of styles--curly, really hairy, maybe Brazilian waxed.
3) Hell, I've got an inkjet printer sitting here. I'll get some card stock from Michael's, print them on my ink jet, and call them "Giclée." I'll just sign and number each one.
4) I plan to use "Whimsicle" somewhere in the title.
5) This product is completely in keeping with the elevated and artistic tone of the article discussed in this blog entry. The colors are perfect. It's loaded with high-quality cliches like "Giclée" and "individually signed and numbered." AND I can fail to tag it with the mature content tag. It's a natural for the front page, as soon as I figure out who to pay.
6) Then I just sit back and PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT.

Maybe next year I could have them mass produced in a sweatshop in China or Mexico or someplace.


Can't say I'm surprised said...

Because I operate my business with the utmost of professionalism, I am overwhelmed with joy that i dumped that trashheap/accident waiting to happen/PR fucking nightmare "selling" site.

No, you are not gifted if the best you can come up with is textual diarrhea with an end result of resembling a pedophile. Scrawl that shit on a bathroom wall instead. Children's author indeed. I wonder if those "children's books" have other STD themes, or anything a sophomoric/sub-par intellect would find entertaining. Gifted? Hardly. My eyes glaze over and my brain shuts off when I read self aggrandizing bullshit like that. What a horse's ass.

Hip isn't shock value. Just because you can say it doesn't mean you should. These people wouldn't know hip if it crawled up their collective no-talent, low-rent etsy asses.
Comments were closed because they didn't want them straying too far from the subject?? No, they didn't like the subject matter being called into question.
Etsy sucks and I won't even buy there now.

DancingWindDesigns said...

Just another reason I am very glad to no long have my business name associated with that place. The only thing I can hear in my head after reading that horrible blog post is my granmother's voice and one of her favorite sayings "that is just terribly, terribly tacky".