Monday, November 22, 2010

Reminder - Sales guide Black Friday weekend sales..

As a reminder - get your sales to us for the Black Friday weekend/Cyber Monday sales. Doesn't matter where you sell, just get them to us!

etsybiatch at gmail dot com


Etsykillmenow. said...

Did you see the new buy page fiasco?

It's like they want us to leave in handfuls.

Etsy is now social networking, and possibly selling a few things too.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief here___

And five weeks later they are still muting for the coral threads. It has become quite obvious now who the targets are.

HATEIT said...

Why would I want to send people to my personal FBpage?? It's completely privatized. I have a fan page, but the link wouldn;t take me there, it would take me to my personal private shit that has NOTHING to do with my work.
How stoopid is this? And we are supposed to trust facebook, too? I sure don't like people trying to get into my personal shit.

There is a $$ deal here with FB that has nothing to do with assisting sellers or buyers, only Etsy and FB and whatever deal they made with eachother.


Circle Jerk said...

Anyone see the new Circle of Friends thread?

There once was a business plan that was centered around "allowing people to make a living making things."

Now there is a business plan that is centered around connecting as many millions of people as possible, who all have the one psychographic tie-in of liking the handmade concept, and get them to join up and exchange as many products as possible at about $15 each.

And it doesn't matter that much if the items are handmade by the seller, as long as the psychographic qualifier of possibly-handmade-and-greenish fits well enough to spark a push within the network to move items around between the members.

So of course, the more members, the more movement of product. Which is why Etsy should push for more members via facebook etc and get more people copying and selling, rather than wasting money on wooing buyers who might not proliferate the network sufficiently.

Brilliant, actually. But sucks for real artisans.

Anonymous said...

God with all that Etsy is fucking up, I'm amazed we haven't heard more from you guys. Can you believe has done all this in just under 11months?