Saturday, October 23, 2010

Promo opportunity for Holidays

Well, its that time of year again boys and girls! Just like last year, we're going to make a strong effort to promote you, our wonderful readers during this Holiday season!

EB wants to offer you free promo advertising in a series of posts from Nov 1, to Dec 18.

We will be using Artfire widgets and also posting your promo specials if you don't sell on Artfire or want us to highlight your business on another site!

If you've left Etsy for good, let us know, as well, so we can definitely highlight you this Holiday season. Disgruntled Etsy sellers are also always welcome.

E-mail us at etsybiatch at in order to take advantage of this great opportunity.


Violets new Vintage said...

Hello, just sent a note re:the promo Thanks so much for all you do! Betsy B

Stuck and Sad said...

Would love to take you up on this, but am still on Etsy because frankly, that's the only place I really sell. I have my own website which I've had before I found Etsy, am on Artfire, Zibbet, and 4 other online venues but Etsy sales are 4 times more than all the others put together.

Since I don't have another job and rely on my sales for my total income, I'm afraid there would be backlash from Etsy if I took you up on it. We know how petty they are there, and right now I can't risk it. I so badly want off Etsy, but financially it's not possible right now.

But thank you for the offer.

Eveline said...

It will be my first holiday season on Artfire (had the account for longer but did not start selling there until Feb. of this year and even though sales haven't been through the roof I've done a lot better there than ever on Etsy.
I'll be sure to send you a note!

Anonymous said...

Very cool

divapixie said...

I am glad to see you are willing to promote artists! I have sent you an email. Thanks!

Virginia said...

I'm sending you an e-mail now.

I hope Stuck and Sad can get away from her abusive relationship with Etsy soon. My sales have taken a hit since leaving but they were dying anyway what with All of their manipulative search changes that killed other suppliers' shops along with mine.

Thanks for all you do EB!

Anonymous said...

Etsy sucks for sellers and sadly there are many loyal customers that shop there. They have no idea the problems and lack of support given to sellers by etsy admin. Honestly, I am not even sure they care...they want handmade, unique items at great prices, even if they screw sellers in the process.

I am sick of etsy customers who checkout and pay multiple times (racking up fees on paypal), then asking (moaning) for combined shipping. They are children who act as if the sun rises and sets of their single order.

I wish etsy would explain to customer (at sign-up)...exactly what shops do to sell to them (fees, shipping and feedback). We bend over backwards for our customers...selling the 'handmade' lifestyle and get crap from etsy in return.

All I can say is, etsy may bring in customers, but they hate their shops and do nothing to support them...oh and have a Happy Holiday!

thisshtisbananas said...

Wow, I thought this would have 1000 comments by now =). Leave Etsy and get a treat! That's like two treats.

Well, I left and I am so glad not to be wasting my days away on that stupid site, networking myself to death. What a waste of time and money. Everyday there was like another hopeful one gone. How depressing!

Once I am into spending that much time networking and that kind of money again, I'm sure the other sites I am on will have just as much traffic, because it was me bringing them to my shop anyway!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I will be sending an email as soon as I'm through with this comment. Thank you so much for the chance to be seen in my new shop on Zibbet.

I have been so upset with Etsy for awhile now but with this latest garbage I have had it. My views and sales have been falling for the past several months, Etsy is doing nothing for their Sellers though the say they do. With this latest change in pages and now the View really being screwed with I am through. Yesterday I put my shop into Vacation Mode so a seller I have ordered something from can contact me. After I get what I ordered I will shut down the shop totally. There will be no selling there for the Holiday Season this year. They screwed us over last Holiday Season and they are doing it again this year. I will not pay their fees to relist just to "Not be Seen".

Etsy is on a very Slippery Slope and I don't think they even know this. But there again that is going to be their problem not mine any more. I didn't go on Etsy two and a half years to not sell my jewelry but with all the changes that's exactly what has happend.

Flight Fancy said...

Thanks for the opportunity! I just left esty (after their lastest round of BS) and transferred all my stuff to zibbet! I emailed you :)
Creative Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I quite my etsy supply shop today!

I pay fees over $600 each month. These fees are from sales and relistings...not renewings!

I got one of their no-no emails staing my items were not premitted. After I have paid thousands of dollars to them this year! Suddenly, even with all the screw-ups they have made and continue to make, they send the policy police to cuff me and rob me some more.

NO more backwards commerce and social networking approach to buiness will not work for me any more!

Etsy is run by a bunch of fools, that care more about the 'LOOK' of etsy then commerce. I really think they graduated from the ACME school of buiness.

I am taking my customers, defying their self-centered 'fantastic' employees and giving them the finger!

Yeah Etsy Bitch! Keep on shouting!