Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fail on Fail on Fail on Fail

This thread is so astounding I'm struggling to type as my rage is at such immense levels that i can feel fire come out of my nose.

prettypanda says:

Since Sunday, I received the messages from my customers that they can't check out items at my shop. When they click, "commit to buy", it keeps showing error message.

I reported the problem several times to etsy and I know that the tech specialist is working on it. However, it's been 5 days and I'm just waiting for the solution.

I feel so frustrated because I haven't had any sale since Sunday but just received the messages from my customers about this issue.

I'm not blaming or complaining. I'm just so frustrated that there's nothing I can do but waiting. I'd appreciate the prompt solution.

So what is for SEVEN days now, this seller is UNABLE to make a sale. Not that she doesn't have buyers trying to buy, they just physically CAN'T even add it to a cart.

And what is Etsy's response?

HeyMichelle says: Hi prettypanda,

I'm sorry for the frustration! Have you written to us here about this?

I hope we can get this resolved soon...

For Fuckssake! She already goddamn said she contacted you several times! Do you actually read what people write or were you laughing at some youtube video?

Then when a seller suggests that the seller salvage this horrid situation and just directly invoice the buyers directly...

lisajune says: If your buyer is running into technical difficulties completing a transaction, please ask them to contact us so that we have find out what is going on and help them complete their transaction. Michelle earlier shared our contact link on page 1.

Please do not complete the transaction wholey off of Etsy, this is fee avoidance. We're more than happy to work with you to find out the root of this problem.

And that, my fellow bitches, was TWO days ago - two MORE days of the buyer and seller unable to do business - and the crowd goes wild. Not even a cupcake insight. No one so far is even siding with Etsy, because it's just wrong. (she misspelled wholly btw)

Has Etsy lost it's fucking mind??????

You leave a seller unable to sell, and tell them to tell the BUYER to contact them while Etsy eventually figures it out? How? With fairy dust and a dream? Do they really expect an buyer to contact Etsy to get support knowing that it can take days to infinity to get anyone to even send a decidedly unhelpful fucking form letter? This is the biggest fucking crock of shit I have seen in a longtime out of Brooklyn. I have to believe Lisajune was laughing as she typed it it's so fucking preposterous, and I can't believe they actually believe they have a customer service ability/approach, let alone empathic bone in their ironic vegan asses.

The only thing that surprises me is that there are only 13 pages of outrage at this point - which is why I post this. Go my lovelies, go and dispatch the hell I know you can - Facebook it, tweet it, email it. In fact people are openly recommending Artfire and no one has swooped in to bad talk them... it's as if even cupcakes want this thread to dissappear.

Don't let it. Make this fucking thread burn. Pass the word Etsy doesn't give a fucking shit about anyone, and this is just one more piece of proof.

EDIT: Thread closed on page 23, but it looks like the rush of readers from here in a short period of time might have actually gotten someone working on a weekend.

loosewire says: Hi guys!

We've figured out the glitch and PrettyPanda is back in business.

Thanks for your kindness and patience while we worked this out.

We'll continue to communicate privately with the OP regarding this.

As a reminder, please remember to be respectful to ALL members of the community when posting here in the Forums. For a full list of our policies regarding posting in the Forums, visit our Do’s and Don’ts here:


She is now getting sales. They are rolling in quite fast now, imagine how much money she lost with an nonfunctional shopping cart for a week.


whatever said...

And how many customers just said forget it and never contacted the seller when they got the error message?

KWALITY said...

low prices vs quality-- sorry it's off topic. Perhaps I should have emailed this to EB.....

aprilmm said...

this is in line with what i've experienced of their customer service, and i think it's important to know that it's everyone, not just the ones at the bottom. the customer service supervisor acts the same way, and provides the same kind of "customer service." bijou and i both know that very well. someday i may share the lovely emails, right now i'm still sitting on them.

please, though, i'm mainly vegan, and they aren't at need to correlate veganness with them in any way.

i think there must not be anyone at etsy hq who is a serious business person, the way they behave is just unbelievable. we can definitely have fun and be professional at the same time. but having fun and blowing customers off and doing whatever you feel like just doesn't work as a way to run a business.

Cosmic Yuk said...

I am so not a cupcake. I never thought I could hate a venue so much when I never even loved it to begin with, but I do.

That said, I really don't expect an admin to advocate anything publicly that goes against TOU. Even hinting at any kind of impropriety could have dire consequences down the line if someone were to quote them. Yes, they have recommended sending invoices when customers have problems paying, but that is always because the sale is registered on Etsy already.

Unfortunately, even if she does manage to salvage a few sales by invoicing the ones that contact her, it isn't fixing the issue. And you just know the laws of probability tell us that if it's happening in one shop you can bet it's happening in others as well. Kind of like you might see one cockroach, but where there is one there are certainly more. Rarely bugs like this are isolated incidents.

Honestly, this is a risk we take selling on any venue. It isn't an excuse for these bugs, but a clear example of why one needs to spread out those eggs in more than one basket. I don't advocate breaking the rules of any site, but one has to decide for themselves if adhering to the rules is beneficial to them. And if I were to break the rules, the last thing I would do is tell anyone.

It's really hard to see, from this side of the fence, why anyone would want to invest the kind of capital that has been infused into Etsy. Must be one hell of a view from the other side!

As unfortunate as this issue is to this seller and countless others, I see it as yet another wake-up call to everyone, not so much to jump the Etsy ship, but to stop investing so much emotional loyalty to it and treat it as just another venue in which to sell.

I sell on several venues. I think it's foolish to hitch my wagon to only one star, that star could blink out in a nanosecond. While I would miss a particular venue if that happened, it's unlikely my world will come crashing down on me if it happens.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the thread. I still can't believe LisaJune's answer. I hope she goes with many people's suggestions to move her stuff off etsy.
I can't imagine how many more people this is happening to whose buyers just give up and go somewhere else without convoing the seller.
People are saying I haven't had any issues- how would you even know if the buyer doesn't contact you??!!!
She should just make the damn, Etsy be damned

UgaBugaBowls said...

I don't understand. How many shit storms does it take to get people to abandon ship?

And I don't believe this shopping cart issue is isolated to Panda. She was just lucky enough to have customers loyal enough to tell her about the problem. How many people have just not made any sales in the last week and have no clue as to why? And how many do know why and are just quietly waiting for things to work again?

I simply cannot believe that anyone continues to trust this company with their money. Why people, WHYYYYYYYYY???????

The Funny One said...

Seller Q re shit customer service? HeyMichele, dig that hole.....Seller Q about wacky sales tax? HeyMichele, dig that hole.

Time to scold and spank all those forum posts, oh shame on you? HeyMichele, dig that hole.

Can't go an hour without posting some inane, wrong, anti-TOU nutty advice, and downright falsities? HeyMichele, dig that hole.

The Stubborn One said...

Boy, the Cranks sure is cranky today. And with reason. This is some real bullfuckingshit right here. I'm trying hard to figure out exactly WHO the fuck the people over there think they are. Fee avoidance my left ass cheek! Similar shituations happen to me often. A buyer asks me to "just send a PayPal invoice" because they can't checkout in fucktardland. Yeeeah, uh. What do you think I do when that happens???

And Cranks, there was more than one typo from little Miss LisaJune:

lisajune says: "If your buyer is running into technical difficulties completing a transaction, please ask them to contact us so that we have find out what is going on and help them complete their transaction. Michelle earlier shared our contact link on page 1."

SO THAT WE WHAT????? Come the fuck on, girl. You couldn't have majored in English. If you do, then I am a godammned cupcake.

Goat said...

Lisa June IS the Bright Circle of Admins.

Do you all recall when during the SEO Fiasco, she told us all we should 'go for a walk, or have coffee with a friend." ?

This is why I am Gone Daddy Gone from that fucking hot mess. Why in the hell would I put effort into making something successful knowing this can happen, or I could get shut down without notice, etc.

I can build somewhere else just as nicely, somewhere not so Soylent Green.

42 things said...

I've been chalking up my lack of sales to the "week of school shopping" excuse... but now I have my doubts.

The Stubborn One said...

Er, "if you did"... Hmn. I'm pretty pissed right now myself. LisaJune couldn't have been pissed when she typed what she did. Maybe she was scurred? Had some redhead twit breathing down her neck? Whatever.

If you "love Etsy" and aren't going anywhere, may God help you. And I'm a polyatheist. And I didn't major in English, so I get free passes. Ha!

Cat Power said...

All I can say is I'm damn glad my shops are empty!

That poor woman had better take matters into her own hands soon, and exit as fast as her little fingers will let her sign up elsewhere!

And if she doesn't have enough sense to ignore the ignoramus admins I feel doubly sorry for her.

The Stubborn One said...

That's a better link.

I couldn't help it.

PrettyDarnCute said...

Maybe this is why I lost a sale today.
Buyer couldn't get past the check out.

Cat Power said...

Stubborn One, I just left a piece of my mind on the Time mag. site. You were more kind than I was!

fabloose said...

And the thread has been locked! *fake suprised face*

peacekeeper redux said...,28804,2012721_2013035_2013030,00.html

this is the link to the 2010 Time Magazine Top 50 Etsy page for comment entries if someone wants to add to the list of comments

If I survive 2010 I will be attempting to create a blog with shopping cart in 2011. I will miss all the crazy activity of artist/sellers cyber careening into one another helping and or harming one another.

Rob Kalin should get out of the way of his good idea and quit ruining it. He did leave for a brief time, Etsy didn't get better, but I knew when he came back it would go downhill faster. All they care about is how to get us to re-list endlessly. The new treasury system is pure greed and makes me ill. The old treasury system is one that I played very well for 3 years. My treasuries created business $$ for me, and for the folks who I featured.

Greed makes people very stupid,

aprilmm said...


i really suggest setting up your own shop on your site instead of trying to make a blog into a shop. i use zen cart myself, but there are many free ones out there you can use. in case it's helpful, here's a link to how i set mine up . it's really going to be better to do that for the long run than to try to make a blog into a shop by putting in paypal buttons and whatnot.

sark said...

RobWhite is a cunt.
LisaJune is a fucktard.
HeyMichelle is a fucking retarded cunt.
MaryMary is a whore.

Every god damned last one of them are cunts right down to loosewire who closed the thread.

None of them know their asses from a whole in the ground.

It is unbelievable that the tech team could not solve this problem in 24 hours and this dragged on for a FUCKING WEEK.

Utter fail.

I didn't respect any of these motherfuckers (admin) to begin with, after reading one page of that thread — replete with regular front page repeat GlitzGlitter making a dumb cupcake style comment is just beyond insanely stupid.

And seriously, while the point of having someone like loosewire as an admin is to make us assholes in the forums sympathize — the vast majority of her posts are completely empty customer service style bullshit.

We should probably all contact the OP through email — set up private transactions for merch — have her reduce the etsy fee to 20¢ and pay her privately for the full amount through paypal... and, of course, leave glowing feedback.

Seriously — avoid their fees, fuck them.

Anonymous said...

What's the BS from loosewire about being respectful of other sellers? No one rude or even snippy in this thread, just critical, justifiably, at Etsy.

Do they need to always end it with a crap reason like that. It makes more insulting- like trying to pin back on the members for the thread getting closed.

TwistedPanties said...

Etsy staff take exception to being shown looking bad or unprofessional. That constitutes calling out, doncha know.

Graphic Design by Tara said...

In all my 4 years/4 shops, this is the BIGGEST bunch of bullshit admin has ever pulled on a seller.

Seriously once again proving that not only do Etsy employees not understand the seller/customer relationship, they are completely unable to run a productive business environment.

This is why I no longer have 4 shops!

Keep on bitchin...


Goat said...

Have you all seen this?! THIS is LJ's what, WTF IS it? Anyone know what the hell?

I mean, never-mind just the total passive aggressive maneuver here, it's just so, grossly, inappropriate.

It's like a huge bitchy Fuck You All.

Goat said...

And before I get accused of being paranoid, she never posts, much less some trite Etc. whatever piece of fluff and nonsense.

So I find this very odd given the day. Are we supposed to like her now cause she's 'fun'?

Aunt Onery said...

As my grandpa always said, "Look to see if your horse is dead. If it is, get off. Fast." I'm trying...just haven't found the right new horse to hop onto. But boy, the one I'm on is sure starting to stink badly. Probabably because it's getting so big and bloated.

Stifler's Mom said...

I just looked at the forums, and, as always happens, it's all blown over now.

Eveline said...

'Please be respectful of ALL members of the community'? By 'ALL' she couldn't possibly mean Admin could she?? Not after the way Admin did nothing for her for a week and then told her 'but if you send an invoice, you'll be avoiding fees and that's punishable by death here on Etsy' . well, not quite, but you know what I mean.


*Layla* said...

The best line of loosewire's statement is:

"Thanks for your kindness and patience while we worked this out."

I hope she was saying that in a sarcastic way!
But looking at this other thread, I wonder if she knows anything at all! When asking another poster to try with a different browser and suggests Safari, when poster comes back and says 'I am using Safari', this is a classic comeback:
"Ok. I thought it was Chrome."

Great techie there who can't tell the difference!

BINA said...

well that thread may have been closed but someone else posted in this thread that they r having the same issue -- its early on in the discussion phase -- everybody go there and post something ...

42 things said...

and yet another thread about this "bug"

Cat Power said...

An interesting post on Callin'Out on Etsy posed the opinion that PrettyPanda, was in fact a reseller, due to the fact that she did not appear to know her materials or the techniques of making her items.

I looked at her shop and thought it a bit suspect, but have no proof, so just thought I'd throw this in here as food for thought.

Virginia said...

I hope Pretty panda opens up an ArtFire shop and sends all of her former clients a nice, shiny new business card so they can shop, unmolested and unfrustrated, in a buyer and seller friendly market.

Wolf said...

Prettypanda is a reseller, so naturally they'd jump all over getting her back up and running. Gotta get that [non-existant] reseller cashflow coming in, after all.

I'm of the opinion that no, Etsy Admin DOES NOT read what we actually post. They merely skim it instead.

Customer Service? Etsy wants to know what that is, they've never heard of it.

TooOld said...

Blogger Virginia said...

I hope Pretty panda opens up an ArtFire shop and sends all of her former clients a nice, shiny new business card so they can shop, unmolested and unfrustrated, in a buyer and seller friendly market.

Don't say that until you take a good look at her shop and descriptions.

Goat said...

What does it matter if she's a reseller or not? Thats a separate issue, entirely. We all know this could and has happened to others. It's not like E was all 'Oh, she's a resellers, lets not help." in fact . normally, they woulda rushed in if they thought so given her sales.

The point of all of this isn't WHO the seller is, it's the manner in which customer service, well, doesn't exist.

And given Etsy's new Fair Trade embrace, how people manage to still have the energy to get bent about resellers baffles me.

It's a lost cause, like so many lost causes over on The Good Ship Lollipop, what do people NEED to experience to finally GET THIS and either suck it up or move on?

Treat Etsy like the Pimp it is and work the system, fine, but FFS, stop lamenting what it isn't cause it ain't and it hasn't been and it won't.

WindysDesigns said...

Lol, I think it's kind of funny that this thread didn't turn into a reseller calling themselves out thread. People were so worked up over the issue, no one bothered to look at the shop with a close eye.

If it someone had questioned her shop, you can bet Etsy would have worked double time to get her back up and running again.

Hehe, the joke is on them, they dragged their feet thinking it was one of us 'handmade' schmucks and all the while they were really hurting the business of one of their little pets.

Amy Trent said...

They are pretty much as incompetent as shit over in the tech department. Every new thing they release is messed up and they often mess up the old stuff just making minor & uneeded changes.

My friend has been trying to write something with their API for the last two weeks and he says it's like 15 WTFs a minute level. Everything works differently and it seems like the people who designed it don't even really know how Etsy works. PLus I guess it's written in PHP which sucks and is a bit of a joke. Then, you read the developer mailing list and the help they provide isn't very good and like everything else about Etsy, comes with this major attitude.

snark this said...

As if panda woman actually had items that were worth buying, good god.

TRush said...

OMG. How did I miss this lovely "hiccup"? Glad it wasn't me, but then that would assume I am making sales on a regular basis. Ha. I crack myself up.

All of this was to say I have signed up on the Artfire promo for $5.95. Hope 18,000 other people do too so I can actually use it!